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Latest update notes

Version 2 is here! We gave the app a complete makeover, including new app icons, an earthy color scheme, and an interface easier to use than ever before.

This update includes:
- Brand new app icons
- A redesigned user interface
- An interactive calendar for viewing all of your kiln firings
- The ability to add, edit, and remove raw materials to your liking
- No need to create an account or sign in anymore! All of your data will be synced automatically using iCloud

Latest update notes

+ Added support for changing background color [#805](
+ Fixed an issue where a new tab may not select the proper database. [#](

Latest update notes

Thank you for using Recur. This version has the following changes.
- Reintroduced the progress bar color picker in settings.
- New fun item picker (Try picking a currency, category, etc).
- New robust algorithms to calculate subscription cycles.
- Fixed an issue that caused incorrect conversions rates to be displayed if app was launched after iPhone/iPad restart.
- Fixed currency conversions.
- Added new fallback mechanisms for cost calculations.


Health & Fitness
By Quentin Zervaas
iPhone iPad Watch Mac

Latest update notes

STREAKS 7.5.15:

* Fixes an issue with the layout of the "dots" widget

STREAKS 7.5.13:

* Fixes an issue where tasks may disappear from local device if iCloud disconnects.
* Fixes an issue where App Icon widget may not show the selected App Icon style
* Fixes an issue where previewing sound effects doesn't work if the "Sounds" toggle is off in Settings

If you have any issue, feedback or comments, please contact

Latest update notes

The info panel can now be expanded for quick access to your newest vinyl, the recently played ones and the heavy hitters.
Also a "random album" button was added for when you need help deciding what to play!

Latest update notes

Flippy 5.5 brings many new features, including:

1) New Apple Watch App
The Apple Watch app has been completely redesigned and now has a new operation and a renewed design

2) Image editing
From now on a picture can be cropped afterwards

3) Updated look for macOS
The interface has been adapted to be even better integrated into macOS.

4) Improved one-hand usage
Controls such as buttons are now located at the bottom of the device, making for easier one-handed operation.

5) Bug fixes and other improvements

Latest update notes

-Fixed 'Match Game' RPM light setting not appearing (F1 22) (thanks Michael)
-Updated F2 team colours and logos (F1 22)
-Added in the UDP Actions for extra controller options (F1 22)
-Fixed ranked multiplayer games showing as invisible cars on the track maps (F1 22) (thanks John)
-Re-added in the driver ID numbers for online games when the gamer tags are not being sent (F1 22) (thanks John)


By Caven Lim
iPhone iPad Watch

Latest update notes

In this release, your favourite cow app is coming to the Apple Watch! Moo your way through from phone to your wrists as your tasks will magically appear on your Apple Watch!

~ Stay tune for more updates have a great week ahead!

Latest update notes

Version 3.10 allows you to submit a missing plant to the catalogue. We will use submitted information to periodically add missing plants, or improve the accuracy on existing ones.

When submitting a plant, the app will send your search keyword to our server. Along with it is a random Session ID that resets every time the app launches. Session ID is not tied to your membership status, your iCloud account or your device ID. It helps us audit the validity of the submitted information. When you submit the keyword via "Care Notes", the name (and secondary nickname) will also be uploaded. Information is retained up to 40 days on our server.

No other information is shared in this process. No photo or image is ever uploaded.

Latest update notes

• Improved "Bring images to the front" and moved the option in the extension popup from "Use with caution" to "Widespread breakage" because of website incompatibilities
• Improved "Show native video controls"
• Improved "Protect text selection"
• Fixed "Stop autoplay videos" on
• Fixed a bug on macOS 10.13 High Sierra that caused the Replacement field to disappear in the Redirects tab of the Safari extension popup

Latest update notes

• Improved "Bring images to the front"
• Moved some options in the extension popup from "Use with caution" to "Widespread breakage" because of website incompatibilities
• Improved "Show native video controls"
• Improved "Protect text selection"

Streaks Workout

Health & Fitness
By Quentin Zervaas
iPhone iPad Watch Apple TV

Latest update notes


We've changed the display of workouts on the main screen, allowing you to easily add, edit and sort workouts straight from the home screen.

Because of this, we've made a few changes to how the app works:

* The system workouts have now been converted to custom workouts, meaning you can easily edit, delete or rename them
* The "custom workouts" screen has been removed, since you can manage the workouts from the main screen
* The Exercises screen no longer lets you select exercises for the system workouts: instead, you can control these exercises in the workout settings
* The "timed exercises" setting is now controlled on a per-workout basis.

Plus there are many more changes:

* Ability to select a weight with each set in a custom workout
* Ability to choose your own music playlists from the Music app
* Ability to see next set exercise during custom workout
* You will now be prompted to confirm when you try to end a workout early
* Partially completed workouts are now recorded to HealthKit

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at