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Rippple for Trakt

iPhone iPad Mac Entertainment Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About Rippple for Trakt

Enter the Trakt community — discover, track and share Movies and TV shows.

DISCOVER what is trending and where to watch it.
TRACK what you watch and when.
SHARE comments, ratings and more.


Read comments and reviews about the movies and episodes you watched or are about to watch.
Browse trending and recent comments posted by the community.

Learn more about the movies and TV shows you like.
Get all the information about the people who made movies, TV shows and episodes you love.

See where you can stream, buy or rent movies and TV shows.
Provided by JustWatch via TMDb.

Trakt check-in built-in for episodes and movies.
See what you are currently watching.

Browse your full watch history.
Filter it by movies, episodes or both.
See when you watched each episode and movie.

Mark episodes and movies as watched now or pick by picking a date.
Support for "multiple-watch".
Remove a single watch activity from your history.

Post your own comments about a movie, TV show, season or episode you just watched.
Quick shout or long movie or TV show reviews: you choose!
Write with a powerful editor supporting styling with markdown.
Tag your comment as spoiler-free or mark spoilers in-line.

Like, reply to or share comments and reviews you find interesting.
Follow users you like and read what they post.
Be part of the vibrant Trakt community.

Check movies, episodes, seasons and TV shows ratings with their distribution’s chart.
Rate the movies, episodes, seasons and TV shows you watched.

One app running beautifully on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Keep everything in sync with your Trakt account.

Multiple icons to choose from.
Dark and Light Mode.
Drag & Drop support.
Context Menu and Widgets.

(with a monthly or yearly -with 14 days free trial- subscription or a lifetime purchase):
+ Enjoy all Premium features on your iPhone, iPad and Mac with only one purchase
+ Track episodes with your personalized "To Watch" episode list
+ Track movies with your personalized "To Watch" movie list
+ Including Upcoming Movies and TV Shows to schedule your days/weeks
+ Configure your "To Watch" the way you like it with one or more custom lists and sorting options
+ Hide/unhide TV shows from your "To Watch" progress (synced with trakt)
+ Start/Stop rewatching built-in
+ Get notified for episode and movie releases
+ Get notified when a new movie or show is trending on trakt to never miss something
+ Get notified when someone follows you
+ Get notified when someone mentions, likes or reply to your comments
+ Control every kind of notifications you get
+ Manage your Watchlist
+ Manage your personal Recommendations
+ Manage your own Collection
+ Create, update, reorder and delete your custom lists
+ Add/remove movies, episodes, seasons and/or TV shows to/from your custom lists
+ Search, filter and sort any custom list
+ Browse trending and popular lists on Trakt
+ Like lists and find them later in your Lists section or use them in your “To Watch”
+ Browse comments and reviews filtered “For You”
+ Search movies, TV shows, people, users and public lists
+ Browse trending, popular and anticipated movies and TV shows
+ Browse's community recommendations
+ Browse the weekly movie box office
+ Build your own Smart Searches
+ Get the ultimate satisfaction to support an app you love


Rippple is a Trakt client. You'll need to sign in to a Trakt account to use Rippple.
Rippple uses the and the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by Trakt or TMDb.
Rippple provides "Where to Watch?" information provided by JustWatch via TMDb but can't be used to actually watch movies or TV shows.
Rippple's Terms of Use can be found at​