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by 2V Labs LLC
iPhone Health & Fitness Requires iOS 13.1


About GymReps

Keeping a training log is essential to making progress in the gym and improving your fitness. GymReps is the perfect tool for planning, logging, and tracking your workouts.

With a simple user interface, GymReps lets you get right to your workout and is not overloaded with unnecessary features. It is completely customizable to your type of routine and preferences.


- Create custom exercises
- Track weightlifting, cardio, or bodyweight exercises by reps or duration
- Build your own workouts
- Break your workouts into days
- Plan your workout and set goals for each exercise
- Create categories to organize exercises any way you prefer
- Add weight to bodyweight exercises
- Rest timer for between sets
- Estimated one rep max calculated for each set
- 100+ exercises built in to the app
- Backup your data and save it anywhere you prefer

Log your workouts. Improve a little bit each workout. Track your progress and watch your fitness improve over time!

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