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Mindful Breathing

by Kushagra Agarwal
iPhone Watch Health & Fitness Requires iOS 13.0


About Unwind - Mindful Breathing

Unwind is a refreshing, delightful, and distraction-free mindful breathing companion to help you with meditation and get you through the day. Unwind combines beautiful illustrations with background ambiances to create an atmosphere that is perfect for mindful breathing.


We’ve forgotten the true significance of mindful breathing. We are so busy that we have even forgotten how to breathe correctly—which drastically affects our overall health and happiness.

Unwind fixes that. Unwind comes with the following three guided breathing exercises, and whenever the app is launched, it displays the correct breathing exercise based on your sleeping schedule, which is customizable.

- Start your day fresh
This breathing exercise gets you ready for the day feeling refreshed, relaxed, and also shaking off any lingering remnants of sleep

- Relax & unwind
During the day, Unwind displays this breathing exercise to relieve your mind of any stress or anxiety. By the end of this exercise, you’ll feel relaxed and more focused.

- Sleep better & faster
And when you are ready for bed, this deep relaxing breathing exercise helps you get calm, and fall asleep in minutes.

And it doesn’t end there!

- Mindfulness History
See all your past sessions with all the details like the session duration, type of exercise, etc. After you finish your sessions, you have an option to select a mood and attach any notes if you want. These are also visible in the Mindfulness History.

- Stats and Insights
Find it hard to stay motivated? Track your mindfulness journey and set daily targets and build streaks to make sure you stay motivated and spend some time daily to be mindful.

- Widgets
With support for iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets out of the box, you’ll be able to track your daily mindfulness progress right from your home screen.

- Background Ambiances
Get a different relaxing and refreshing background ambiance each time you launch the app. Each ambiance also has different ambient music (which can be toggled on or off)

- Breathing Companion
After you begin a session, Unwind breathes with you by animating the background scenes to help you stay mindful and in sync.

- Voice Prompts
Enable voice prompts (male/female) if you prefer to close your eyes while performing a breathing exercise.

- Daily Reminders
Enable daily reminders and Unwind will gently remind you in the morning and at night, right before your bedtime. You can also set custom reminders.

- Daily Mindfulness Quotes
After each session, Unwind displays a fresh mindfulness quote for you to absorb in the perfect state of mind.

- Sync to Apple Health
You can choose to track your Mindful Minutes in Apple Health by enabling the “Sync to Apple Health” option.

- iCloud Sync
Your stats and mindfulness history is backed up privately in your private iCloud account and can only be seen you. So if you decide to switch your phone and use multiple devices, your data will never be lost.

Unwind is made by Kushagra Agarwal. If you face any bugs or have any suggestions/feature-requests, please reach out to me on Twitter: @kushsolitary. Thank you for using Unwind!