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Scan Your Boxes

iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Scan Your Boxes

Scan Your Boxes allows you to view the contents of your cartons, storage boxes, folders, etc. in a simple scan of QR Code.
You will no longer need to take out your boxes, open them, search them, to realize that the treasure you are looking for is not there and put everything away.
The scan of a simple QR Code will allow you to do your research without getting your hands dirty.

With Scan Your Boxes, 3 steps are enough:

1. take a picture of the items in your boxes
2. the app provides you a QR Code which you can print and paste it on your carton
3. scan the QR Code to view the contents of the application

You can share your boxes through a monthly subscription for 5 or 10 persons.
Only the owner of the boxes needs to pay for the monthly subscription. It’s free for people you are sharing with.
The subscription is needed to pay for the secure cloud (terms of use:

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