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iPhone Watch Photo & Video Requires iOS 14.8


About Heartwitch

Show your heart rate as you live stream with this watch app!
What is this exactly?
Heartwitch is a combination Apple Watch and Web Application for sending your health data to a web browser window.
Why would you want to send your health data to a web browser window?
In the last few live years, live streams have become incredably popular and in many tense circumstances streamers want to share their health stats specifically their heart rate. For instance, speedrunners who wish to break records as to how quickly they can beat a game. With Heartwitch, there is no need for extra hardware. It simply uses the sensors on the Apple Watch to detect your heart rate and it sends it through our servers directly to your browsers.
Do you save my health info?
None of your health data is saved on our server. Every health stat is received by our servers from your Apple Watch and directly sent to the web browser. At no point is it saved on our end. Each workout is saved locally on your watch and stored on your devices along with your other workouts stored on your device but none of the health data is stored by us.
How do I launch the app? I don't see an icon on my iPhone?
Heartwitch is a completely independent watch app. Therefore there is no app for the iPhone and at this point there is no plan for one.
How can I share my web browser window on a livestream?
If you are using OBS to stream online, share your web browser window using the Window Capture Source.
What makes this app so special?
There's no need for additional hardware and using the Apple Watch health data is updated frequently.