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Stock Portfolio

by Christian Mitteldorf
iPhone iPad Finance Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About Stokki: Stock Portfolio

Stokki is the perfect app for keeping track of your investments in stocks, companies, funds and indexes. Get a complete overview of all your portfolios across banks and brokers in one view, and convert your gains into your local currency.
With Stokki you can keep an eye on the companies you love, with a powerful watchlist. Set a target price for a stock to know when to buy or sell.

• Get a clean overview of all your holdings and how they are performing
• See all the things you own in one view and see your combined result
• Powerful watchlist and lots of details for the companies you follow
• Set a target price to know when to buy or sell
• See your cost basis on the watchlist to see if the stock is cheaper than what you paid
• Convert all numbers into your local currency
• Much more coming all the time!

• Extremely clear user interface
• Supports every currency in the world
• Access to most markets in the world
• Seamless syncing between your devices with iCloud
• Subscribe to Stokki Pro for more features and to support indie development

We make an effort to support and provide the latest device features for you, and currently we give you:
• Dark mode
• Dynamic type accessibility support
• Keyboard support

We are extremely open to your feedback, so please help us shape the app to your liking. Let us know if you have any feature requests.
If you have any problems or need help we are ready to answer your questions at


Subscribing to Stokki Pro gives you access to more advanced and powerful features and supports indie development.
The subscription will be billed monthly at the standard price in your country. A 1 month free trial is provided on your first subscription. You can cancel anytime. After your free trial, the subscription automatically renews every month at the standard price.

Please read our privacy policy and terms of use for more details at and

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