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Country Facts

by Michele Galvagno
iPhone iPad Education Requires iOS 12.4, iPadOS 12.4


About Country Facts

Country facts begins as a simple list of countries in alphabetical order.
Scroll through them or use the search field to narrow down your research: you can filter by name, continent or even phone code (please insert the whole code before seeing the results!)

Once you found a country you are interested in just tap on its name and enjoy its flag followed by a plethora of informations!

Each section is enriched with a thorough explanation that helps you understand what you are reading.
Tapping the activity indicator will allow you to save the flag as a picture in your Photo Library or share a combination of flag, phone code and population details with your friends!

Country Facts is and will always remain ad-free!

Gorgeous features are coming in future versions, but contact us if you have a feature request or a suggestion!