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Gibbs Crew Trivia

by Mikaela Caron
iPhone Games Requires iOS 13.2


About Gibbs Crew Trivia

Are you the ultimate fan of Gibbs' Crew? Let’s put your skills to the test with over 100 questions about Gibbs' crew and the show!

Your Goal: Answer as many questions correctly in a row as possible without running out of lives! You have 3 lives AND there’s a timer! Good luck!


  • Total answers correct
  • Total questions answered
  • Total percentage correct


This app was made my a solo-developer. Watch how I built the app every step of the way by checking out my instagram, @mikaelacaron.

If you like the app, leave a great review! I’d love to know what you think, and what could be improved.

Please note, this app was made by an avid fan of the show. It is only for entertainment purposes. No copyright violations are intended under the fair use clause.

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