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Sonas Chef Journal

by rakTech LLC
iPhone iPad Food & Drink Requires iOS 9.0, iPadOS 9.0


About Sonas Chef Journal

Sonas Chef Journal isn't just another digital recipe book--it's your culinary companion!

Featuring a clean and fun design for tracking the dishes and drinks you create, Sonas Chef Journal is the best culinary journaling app. Whether you're a seasoned chef, or just getting started in the kitchen, Sonas Chef Journal will help you maintain a beautiful culinary database.

Sonas is an Irish word meaning Joy, Wellbeing, or Happiness - the very things the Sonas Suite of apps were built to help you capture.

Sonas Chef Journal features a simple, minimalistic design that's intuitive and refreshing to use. Browse your culinary posts by text or photo. Filter by your favorites, or search for posts by keyword.

Main Dishes, Desserts, Sides, Baking, Soups, Salads, Breakfast, Grilling, and Drinks. Keep track of all of the different foods you make.

Each entry gets tagged with how you liked the dish, how difficult it was to make, and a description of how you made it -- all of which is searchable from the Home tab. Attach 1 image to the recipe (or unlock an additional 5 for a total of 6 photos!). URLs are auto-detected making it easy to bookmark recipes saved online.

Sonas Chef Journal is a private repository, however you have the option to share posts on your favorite social platforms.

== FAQ ==
Q: How do you pronounce Sonas?
A: Sonas is pronounced like 'Saw-noss." Go ahead, give it a try!

Q: How many photos can be added into a post?
A: Today, your free download includes a single image per post. You can unlock additional images (total of 6) from Settings > Manage Add-ons

Q: Are my posts private and secure?
A: 100% yes. Your posts are private, stored on your device, and are not shared anywhere, unless you tap the share button of course!

Q: Is Sonas Chef Journal available for iPad?
A: Today, Sonas Chef Journal is available exclusively for iPhone

** The developer reserves the right to change features and/or pricing at any time **

Thank you to the Creo team!
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