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Christmas Guide

by Wissam Yaacoub
iPhone iPad Mac Reference Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Christmas Guide

Have fun and get closer to friends and family during Christmas. Listen to your favourite carols, discover sacred dates and, most importantly, have a great time with Christmas Guide!

• Accessibility.
- Adapts the user interface to the available space.
- Sizes the text dynamically following device settings.
- Exhibits colours with good contrast.

• Carols.
- Embeds a playable YouTube video for each song.
- Links to Apple Music and Spotify when available.
- Supplies each tune with reliable lyrics.

• Characters.
- Accompanies text with an image of the character.
- Displays alternative and translated names.
- Presents a short description made for all ages.

• Custom themes.
- Personalises the home page colour and animations.
- Provides multiple alternate icons for all tastes.
- Supports both light and dark mode.

• Events.
- Exposes all the different dates for the same event.
- Denotes the associated church or rite.
- Gives further details and alternative names.

• Who Am I?
- Compares photos with Christmas characters.
- Shows in-depth percentages for each character.
- Uses state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

Christmas is a time of great joy, accompanied by friends and family. However, in this euphoria, it is hard keeping track of the events taking place or the festive tunes playing on the radio. Besides, it is hard to maintain everyone always entertained.
Christmas Guide tries to solve all these problems in a single neatly tied application, making you wonder if it didn't directly come from Santa's factory.

A majority of the app's functionality is unlockable through a cheap one-time Premium in-app purchase. However, you can still access a select number of characters, events, songs and more before deciding if you need to pay.
Besides, your generosity is also vital in maintaining the app in continuous development. Therefore an option to leave a tip is available in the app, and you'll even get a small surprise from me by doing so.

Download the app now to enjoy all the features!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Guide was designed and developed by Peter Yaacoub.

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