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by Kyle Nazario
iPhone iPad Mac Utilities Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0
App Store $2.99


About JavaSnipt

This app blocks JavaScript on any website. It blocks most:

• Ads
• Newsletter popups
• Cookie requests
• Wasted megabytes of third-party JavaScript libraries

When you encounter a website with too much JavaScript, just tap share → JavaSnipt → refresh, and voilà! No more interactivity.

Alternatively, you can use JavaSnipt to block JavaScript on *all* websites and allow only sites you trust. It's up to you!

Some sites, like YouTube, will not work with JavaScript blocked. That's why JavaSnipt targets only sites you select.

By purchasing JavaSnipt for iOS, you will also unlock JavaSnipt for macOS. Your blocked sites sync between all your devices via iCloud.

The web has too many popups and third-party scripts. It wasn't designed to respect your privacy, battery life, data cap or phone-sized screen. Take back control with JavaSnipt.

The crab is Snippy, our mascot. Think of this app as him snipping away the extra JavaScript.

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