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k Rocket pen and good notes

by Anton Karev
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About k Rocket pen and good notes

Take photos with text and drawings and share in 1 tap with any iPhone or iPad, take notes, dictate, search the web. k is the fastest notes app right in your camera. Use k for the same things you use Notes and Camera and more:

— Take notes and photos at the same time instantly
With the instant launch, instant typing, instant drawing and instant shooting.

— Type on photos
Open k, type and take a photo. It will be saved in the Photos app on your device.

— Draw on photos
Tap or pull the half circle, draw and take a photo. It will be saved in the Photos app on your device.

— Take and iMessage a photo in 1 tap to any iPhone or iPad
Simply tap on any contact name: k will take a photo and open iMessage with the thumbnail of your photo, tap on the Send button if you want to send.

— Instantly do the 1st step of almost anything
Web search your current line or selected text in 1 tap

— Secure and private
k collects no data at all. Has no ads. No registration. k doesn't even store your notes and photos, it saves them in your Files and Photos apps.

— iCloud backup
Check your notes on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Even without k: on your Mac open Finder, iCloud Drive, k. On your iPhone or iPad open the Files app, iCloud Drive, k.

— New productivity
The goal of k is to become the ultimate productivity tool — 1000 times higher productivity for everybody. Taking a photo or starting your web search takes just a few milliseconds in k, it takes a few thousand milliseconds in Notes.

— Enjoy all the features
All the features of k are available without the subscription. Subscribe if you want to save photos with text or drawings but without the logo, learn advanced tips and tricks from the founder via a video call and support k.

— Achieve more
Get your k — the #1 productivity camera.

Privacy Policy: https://getk.com/privacy-policy
Terms of Use: https://getk.com/terms-of-use