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Menu Bar Web Browser

by Eric Lesrima
Mac Productivity Requires macOS 10.15
App Store $3.99


About ZuriWeb - Menu Bar Web Browser

Wish you could watch Youtube videos but needed to work instead?

Wish you could spend more time chatting with family & friends on WhatsApp?

Wish you could watch your favourite shows but didn’t have the time?

You can easily lose track jumping between social media, watching YouTube videos & work.

Switching between apps is ANNOYING when you’re working on a document as you’re trying to research.

It’s easy to get lost with the endless amount of tabs opened in your main browser.

Thanks to ZuriWeb, You can now work and browse your favourite sites at the same time!

ZuriWeb is a multitasking browser that lives on your menu bar

which you can instantly check no matter what you’re doing on your mac.

You can use it to :

- Easily access ChatGPT and other AI tools at no extra cost.

-Quickly look up info online from your menu bar.
*Compare info between 2 sites at the same time using the companion window

-Follow tutorials without switching between apps. Helping you to make even faster progress.

-Instantly check and send emails right from your menu bar.

ZuriWeb makes working easier, fun & saves you more space on your desktop.

It boosts your productivity while you still get to enjoy using social media!

You’ll be surprised with how much more you can get things done while:

- Watching Youtube videos

- Chatting with your family and friends on WhatsApp

- Browsing Twitter, Reddit , Facebook etc. while you work.

The possibilities are endless with what you can turn your menubar into with ZuriWeb.


- Five nature sounds to help you relax while you study or work
(Ocean waves, Rain with distant thunder, Desert Wind, Spring, Calm Forest at night)

-Instantly hide or show the browser with a keyboard shortcut

- Take full screenshots of websites with just a click

- Load the mobile version of a site instantly

- 'Companion' window. An extra browser window to boost your productivity even more

- Add your own bookmarks and instantly access them from the toolbar.

- Detach the browser & move to anywhere on your desktop. Find the perfect spot that doesn't block your other apps.

- Unlock/Lock Button to hide or keep the browser showing on screen.

- Custom shortcuts for window sizes and corner screen positions.

- Hide the entire navigation bar to make your watching experience even better!

-Beautiful static and animated themes that changes the look and feel of your browser.

...And much more exciting new features, themes and updates to come for FREE at no extra cost.

I'd love to hear your feedback and add any request that you may have to ZuriWeb!

Contact me by visiting https://zuriwebapp.com/contact/

Thank you for your support.