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Subtitles & Translation


Jordi Bruin

iPhone iPad Mac Utilities Requires iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1


About Navi - Subtitles & Translation

Navi adds subtitles and live translation to your FaceTime calls with SharePlay. Talk to anyone, in any language. Translate what other people are saying instantly!

The app opens FaceTime up to people with hearing impairments and other disabilities that prevent them from engaging easily in video calls.

With Navi you can translate what other people on a call are saying in realtime. At launch Live Translation supports over 20 languages, with more being added every update. To use the Live Translation feature you need Translation Tokens which you can purchase in the app.

Navi generates subtitles locally on device and transmits them over the secure SharePlay connection to the other people on the call. Navi does not save any information about your calls, because we don't like tracking either!

If you have any feature suggestions or if you run into any bugs, send an email to

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