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Habit Tracker

Better You

by Batikan Sosun
iPhone Productivity Requires iOS 13.0


About Habit Tracker - Better You

Habit tracker and goals reminder.

Better You is a habit tracker app that aims to help you to build habits. Better You habit tracker app provides you a useful design and good experience during building your habits. Habit building has never been easier. Better You habit tracker will make an easy way to track your habits.

Habit tracker features:
- You can create a specific habit from the library with categorized groups.
- Activate Better You Widget: Track your today progress on the iPhone home screen.
- You can create a custom habit as you wish like name, icon, remind time, and more.
- You will track your habits progresses on the home page that will give your situation with the selected day from the top page.
- Home page habits are categorized by 7 days of the current week.
- With the activity page you will be accessing your daily goal and your daily activities.
- With the report page you will be accessing your habit progresses on the calendar.
- You can set a reminder when you create a habit.
- You can protect your data by FaceID or Touch according to your device support.
You can sync your data across all iPhone devices with your iCloud account.

Paid Applications agreement: https://betteryouhabittracker.web.app/terms.html