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Find hidden objects game (AR)

by Lidwien Veugen
iPhone iPad Games Requires iOS 12.0, iPadOS 12.0


About Find hidden objects game (AR)

Get up on your feet and have fun with this modern twist on the classic Where's Wally searching games. Find hidden objects in the 3d space around you with augmented reality (AR)! Tilt your device to find virtual objects on your left, on your right, in front of you, on the ceiling or at the floor. The playing field is everywhere around you! To make it even more fun, objects are hidden in a complex environment of many other colourful and hand-drawn items. Discover this new AR hidden objects game experience and game yourself fit and healthy at home with this beautifully designed augmented reality puzzle.

The game features five different play experiences with varying levels of difficulty, each with ten levels and an unlimited arcade play mode that keeps track of your personal high score. In each level you need to find a number of hidden objects in the 360 degrees of space around you using augmented reality. Once completed, you can move on to the next level. With each level the game becomes more difficult and finding all hidden objects in AR will be more challenging. Explore different scenes, ranging from sea worlds to city streets and audiences of people or doodles, featuring dozens of different items to find. If you like an extra challenge, go for the games with a time limit. However, in case you prefer to relax: most levels can be played without time pressure.

Gameplay is simple and fun, but sometimes it can be hard to find an object. If you do get stuck, then you can ask for a hint and the game will show you where the hidden object can be found.

All levels can be played offline.

Enjoy this fun and innovative augmented reality hidden objects game!

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