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Budgets and Expenses

by Rafael Soh
iPhone Finance Requires iOS 15.0


About Dime - Budgets and Expenses

Why You’ll Love Dime:

- 100% free forever, with no paywall or ads.
- Beautifully iOS-centric design, with simplicity at its core.
- Insightful expenditure breakdowns over various time periods.
- Create budgets based on expense categories and stick to them.
- Create recurring daily/weekly/monthly expenses.
- Sync your expenses, categories and budgets with other devices via iCloud.
- Custom reminders to input your expenses.
- Biometric authentication to protect your data.
- Home screen quick actions make capturing new expenses a breeze.
- A gorgeous night theme for dark mode fanatics.
- Informative widgets keep you updated at a glance.

Dime was built by a solo student developer looking to kickstart his programming journey. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch through the app or via Instagram @camerafael.

Start monitoring your expenditure and take ownership over your finances with Dime.