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by Haozhe Li
iPhone Entertainment Requires iOS 14.1


About YourStory

Reimagines your daily objects with different virtual contexts.

YourStory is an experiment artwork by Seph Li and Solid Jellyfish Ltd.
Capture your daily objects by simply taking photos, the app will isolate the focused object using AI technologies, and generate magical miniature scenes that reimagines the context.

Different scenes will be generated to fit different types and shapes of objects, try capturing your objects into the app and see what they transform into.
The app completely reworked the existing AR logic - instead of overlaying digital objects onto camera feed, it brings real objects into the virtual world with context awareness.
Share your scenes by using #YourStoryAR on social medias.

YourStory is an experimental artwork by Solid Jellyfish Ltd, we built our own technology stack from AI processing to rendering engine to realise this new form for AR.
We hope this innovative form can bring more storytelling potential to the current AR stack.