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Data Fude

by Underplot ltd.
Mac Developer Tools Requires macOS 12.4


About Data Fude

Debugging with Simulator Logs.

Use dataFude as an Xcode companion app to see your debugging data in a beautiful and bold UI.

Log your debug data as usual using Apple's logging framework, and dataFude will automatically select and display your logs!

There is no need for third-party frameworks, hefty configurations, or changes to your code.

dataFude recognizes various types of logging data and displays the appropriate UI to help you make the most of your logs:

- Text tile to show prominently text or numbers
- Chart tile to plot numerical data over time
- Switch tile to display boolean data
- Progress tile for progress data over time

With many more smart tiles on the way!

dataFude combines Apple's technologies in a unique way that feels truly magical when performing arduous tasks such as app debugging and testing. To operate autonomously, dataFude makes use of Apple's unified logging system and the Xcode Simulator infrastructure. It requires developers to use no 3rd party frameworks or change their code compared to how they usually do logging.

dataFude is a real time-saver when it comes to debugging in Xcode and developing iOS, tvOS or watchOS apps!

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