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Sam Rowlands

Mac Developer Tools Requires 10.13.6
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App Wrapper 4.5 introduces Architecture Independent Archives

Published: Aug. 30, 2022


About App Wrapper

App Wrapper is Ohanaware's premium Post-Build Processor for the macOS, used by 100s of developers to prepare their macOS applications for the Mac App Store and distribution on their own websites.

  • Code signing
  • Entitlement editing, App Sandbox & Hardened Runtime
  • Property list editing
  • Framework fixing
  • Meta data cleaning
  • Architecture cleaning
  • Language cleaning
  • Auto-Partial removal
  • Icon creation
  • Help Book generation
  • Content adding per channel
  • Create Zip files
  • Create Apple Installers
  • DMG creation with "DMG Canvas" or "DropDMG"
  • Mac App Store Submission
  • Notarization
  • Checking engine
  • Xojo IDE Integration

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