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Beatrix Willius

Mac Productivity Requires macOS 10.14


About Mail Archiver X

Use Mail Archiver to make your emails safe and save hours of your time with automatic email management: You email client doesn't protect your emails. And your email client makes you waste a lot of time managing emails manually. Mail Archiver X has a free demo mode which has the same functionality as the paid version. The application in demo mode can be used for 10 calendar days.

Improve your Email Security If you delete an email accidentally then it's still in Mail Archiver. If your Gmail account gets hacked you won't loose all your emails. You don't need to trust Apple to keep all your emails after a macOS upgrade.

Get back hours of your life each week if you let Mail Archiver do the email management You won't have to delete emails manually when the mailboxes are full. Never again export emails manually to mbox or convert emails individually to PDF. Your email client will be fast and not slow or misbehaving. You will never have an almost full hard disk because your emails use so much space on the hard disk.