March 5, 2023

v 1.10.1

* Added a workaround for when you're having problems importing from Google Drive, you can find it in the Help section.
* Fixed a crash that could happen on startup.

Jan. 29, 2023

v 1.10.0

* Folders are now displayed with covers and the number of comics inside.
* Fixed Smart Comic Reader not appearing as an option when using AirDrop to import comics.

Oct. 9, 2022

v 1.9.0

* Added an option to enable tapping to advance to the next page when not zoomed in on a panel.
* Added support for AVIF images on iOS 16.

Sept. 11, 2022

v 1.8.10

* Fixed a problem with opening some CBR files.
* Fixed animation when rotating comic/device on iOS 16.

May 29, 2022

v 1.8.9

* Fixed a bug where no cover or the wrong cover would display for comics in your collection in certain situations.
* The animation when opening or closing comics will now run in glorious 120fps on ProMotion devices.

A lot of you have left glowing reviews and reached out with praise and feature suggestions. It's really much appreciated.
Hopefully I will have some more substantial improvements and new features in the future, but for now I didn't want to let this tiny update wait.

Dec. 12, 2021

v 1.8.8

Fixed arrow key navigation on iOS 15.

Nov. 14, 2021

v 1.8.7

Fixed flashing of loading indicator when next page is already loaded.

Oct. 7, 2021

v 1.8.6

Fixed a freezing/crash issue.