Scan2Clipboard: Huge update with macOS version!

By Michael Ecke • June 18, 2022

Scan2Clipboard makes it easy to scan information, convert it to text and copy it to the clipboard! With one click, the text can be pasted and further edited on all your devices logged in under the same iCloud account (iPhone, iPad and Mac).

Images from the Photos app can also be used for text recognition.

Recognized text can be selected and copied - ideal for phone numbers, for example. If the text inserted in the clipboard is not accessible via Handoff, for example because text is to be inserted on a Windows desktop, the recognized text can also be shared as a PDF and therefore made available everywhere!

Some of the mentioned functions are only fully available after the in-app purchase. Your in-app purchase allows Scan2Clipboard to have no ads or any tracking APIs. All data is processed on your device and stays there. Fair one-time payment with family sharing instead of ongoing subscription costs.