Email Me: Huge update! Includes VoiceOver support πŸ“¨

By Manuel Escrig Ventura β€’ June 21, 2022

Email Me focuses on a single task which is sending something important to yourself by providing the best user experience. It is fast and reliable. The reason to send something important to yourself could be because you want to check it out later, save it in your email inbox as a task or simply send it to somebody else after that.

There are many different uses the App can have. The most basic one is just opening the App, typing a note and then tapping on send. The note arrives right away in your inbox. Another use is the Share Extension. You can send yourself a link or article from another App in two taps and I read it later on when you have the extra time.

πŸ”— Site: Email Me β€” Quick Notes

πŸ”— App Store: Email Me β€” One Tap Quick Notes