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Health Auto Export


by Lybron Sobers
iPhone iPad Watch Mac Health & Fitness Requires iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0


About Health Auto Export - JSON+CSV


Health Auto Export enables you to take control of your health by exporting your data.
* Export more than 100 health data points and 70 workout types in JSON, CSV and GPX format.
* Natively supported on iPhone and iPad; sync data to Mac & Vision Pro
* Automate exports, create customized automations, and backup your data automatically.
* Create workflows with Shortcuts and monitor your data from the Home and Lock Screen.
* Try it free for 7 days, then choose from free, basic, and premium features; lifetime purchase available if you have subscription fatigue
* Basic features allow you to export multiple metrics and workouts with greater detail.
* Premium features offer auto-syncing to Mac & Vision Pro, automated backups to iCloud Drive and exports to any REST API, Dropbox, Google Drive, MQTT, and Home Assistant.
* Customize widgets to see your activity trends, and see a range of health metrics.
* Export health data aggregated by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years.
* Your data is 100% private and secure; no account required, no data collection, no third-party sharing.


- Health widgets
- Automate exports with Shortcuts

- Quick Export: export multiple metrics and workouts at once
- Export individual metrics with greater detail, such as Sleep Phases, ECG, Afib heartbeat data as JSON, or Blood Glucose metadata, and more
- Export workouts along with heart rate, heart rate recovery, and workout route data

- Auto Sync makes your health metrics and workouts available on Mac and Vision Pro by syncing from iPhone
- Automatically export data to Google Drive, Dropbox, any REST API, MQTT or Home Assistant
- Automated backups to iCloud Drive
- All basic features
- If you have subscription fatigue, there’s a lifetime purchase option with lifetime upgrades

- You remain 100% in control of your Health data
- Health Auto Export does not collect or store any of your personal or health information
- Health Auto Export does not include any third-party SDKs, and does not share data with third parties
- No account registration required

- Automate exports to Dropbox, REST APIs, MQTT Brokers, and Home Assistant
- Configure multiple customized automations
- Activity Logs to help keep track of sync activity
- Widgets + Live Activities: Initiate and monitor data uploads from the Home and Lock Screen
- File backups to iCloud Drive

- The Health app is not available on Mac or Vision Pro but Health Auto Export makes this information available on all your devices—even those without the Health app
- Health Auto Export for Mac & Vision Pro requires having the app installed on iPhone

- Configure your own automated workflows using Shortcuts
- Create automations to export multiple metrics at once
- Supports shortcuts for 100+ health metrics and 70+ workout types

- Health widgets on all devices; see your health information iPhone, iPad and Mac
- See you Activity Progress, Statistics or Recent readings throughout the day

- see your recent activity trends
- customize your dashboard by selecting up to 10 metrics of your choice


Export your workouts and see data including:
- Active and total calorie burn
- Step count and swimming stroke count
- Walk/run cadence and swim cadence
- Average and Max Heart Rate
- All heart rate data
- Heart rate recovery
- Distance (running, cycling, swimming, etc)
- Workout Route (running, swimming, cycling, hiking)
- Export workout routes as GPX files


Health Auto Export allows you to export Health data with the following time summaries:
- Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years

See the full list of metrics available at

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