Indie Apps Catalog uses the iTunes Lookup API to load all the information about included apps. This means that features are limited by what this API offers.

For example, there is no way (at least as far as I know) to get screenshots for the modern iPhone (those with notch) - only for the older ones. The same applies to Watch apps, and if iPhone/iPad app is also available for Mac, these screenshots aren't available via API.

Some other limitations apply. Most notably, apart from the screenshots, I cannot get the subtitles for apps. Instead, I am trying to parse the names (because some apps have "inline" subtitles after ":" or "-" and similar).

All app details are downloaded from the US App Store. Simply because it is most significant and stuff is localized to English. I realize this is unfair for the best rating list because this considers rating in the US store.

I am also trying not to have too many requests to the iTunes Lookup API, so I am currently updating apps every three days.