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Latest update notes

- New Feature: Voice Chat!
- New Feature: Status posts on feed
- General app improvements and bug fixes

Thanks for being a member of the Veep community. Join our public discord channel for concerns, suggestions, or feedback. Email for more assistance.

Latest update notes

Added in app volume control allowing you to tweak the system volume or app volume inside of the app.
Added Background Audio mode, allowing you to play sounds from the app on top of other audio apps. For example, if you wanted to listen to an audio book and have white noise on in the background.
Added Batter Saver mode, which allows you to disable the animating dots if you want to conserve battery or you just hate dots.

Latest update notes

Markdown lists automatically continue on next line.

Support for SSH encrypt-then-mac (etm) modes where message authentication code is calculated on encrypted data instead of plain text data. Some hardened SSH servers refuse connections from clients that don't support this.

Fix line numbers in editor sometimes being truncated.

Update icon for Gitea hosting providers.

Fixed bug where tag list had no back button on iPad.

Latest update notes

Phone Buddy 7.3 greatly reduces app download size to ensure downloading the app is fast and easy. This update also fixes an issue where Phone Lost Alert would fail to start under certain conditions.

Thanks again for using Phone Buddy! If you like our app please consider writing a review, it really helps :).

Any questions or comments? Email:

Latest update notes

Bug Fixes
* Fix issue where the manage subscription screen would sometimes appear as if you didn't have an active subscription, even though you did.
* Fix a rare crash when clipping data is corrupted.
* Fix a rare crash when performing a dictionary search.
* Fix a rare crash on the kanji deck screen.
* Fix a crash when sharing a flashcard deck under certain circumstances.
* Fix an issue where flashcard deck order would be displayed incorrectly after moving a card on the deck details screen, and then scrolling away and back to the same part of the list of words.
* Fix an issue where text in a clipping could become invisible when the device switches between light and dark mode and the app is not active.

Latest update notes

Snow is now expressed in centimeters or inches of snow layer, instead of milimeters of its water content. As the difference is significant (1 mm of water creates 1 - 10 cm of snow depending on temperature), the forecast will now better correspond to outside conditions. Thank you, Roger, for alerting me to this!


Visual daily forecast! First developed for an upcoming (really really soon!) iPhone app and widget, you are first to see the daily forecast on your watch.
Also new: many visual and chart readability tweaks made thanks to a preparation for iPhone app. And collapsible text section for anyone who prefers visuals.
Enjoy, and look forward to iPhone & iPad app!

Nowcast is now supported on all large or text complications on Modular, Utility, Activity, Infograph, Photo, Astronomy, Explorer, Motion, Memoji, Solar graph and Timelapse watchfaces (in addition to Infograph Modular and Modular Compact watchfaces supported before). Enjoy!
Plus a fix of location name accidentally appearing on watchface instead of condition.

Significantly faster rendering, nicer complication on colored watchfaces, and return of dashed & dotted lines for humidity and wind speed (as they got a bit lost in previous updates :)).

Weathergraph will now happily inform you when a rain or snow is on the way, up to 2 hours in advance. Enjoy the autumn trek and stay dry!

I also rewrote a large part of Weathergraph, leading to much faster app start time. And fixed many bugs (apologies to everyone whose first time experience was choppy). A lot of joy all around!

And before that?

NOWCAST! Realtime rain & snow forecast updated every 15 minutes.
If a rain or snow is expected during the next 3 hours, you will get a notice on a large complication, and a detailed 3-hour precipitation chart in the app.
Nowcast is powered by Foreca, and depends on precision of rain radars in your area. Available for Weathergraph Pro users.

New 8-bit Mario theme to freshen up your watchface. Give it a go!

Open-Meteo, an up-and-coming indie forecast service combining global models with local services, with great precision in Europe and North America.

- Apple Watch 7 support
- New 2.5 days range is ideal for seeing today and next two days (thank you, Jörgen!)
- Foreca — a premium forecast source with a renowned worldwide accuracy coming up to your wrist. Set it up in preferences, and enjoy precise forecast.
- "3.2 mm rain and 7 mm snow in the next 24 hours." — See how much of trouble will be the upcoming precipitation with the precipitation summary.
- Precipitation chart now considers even small peaks of rain/snow that would happen in between the bars, that would have been missed previously. More precision for everyone!
- Added a touch of color to make always-on-display nicer
- Allow maximum zoom (up to 7 days with fresh data)
- Lot of bugfixes, including stabler background updates & always-on-display support in app

And going way back?

Zoom & scroll
- Independent zoom for complication and app. Need to see next day on your watchface, and three day outlook in the app? Now you can :)
- Tap the chart, and turn the digital crown to zoom to quickly see what's coming up
- Tap the chart multiple times to quickly peek to next five days (when zoomed in) or to next day (when zoomed out)

Blind friendly Weathergraph
- Reading forecast with VoiceOver now produces natural sounding text. Thank you for help, Tony!

Latest update notes

I've got more improvements so you can keep sending notes to yourself:

Love the app? Rate it! Your feedback helps me to make the App better every day!
Any questions? Contact me via I'd love to speak to you. Thanks!


Health & Fitness
By Quentin Zervaas
iPhone iPad Watch Mac

Latest update notes

Streaks 7.3.1:

* Fixed: Editing a task icon doesn't save
* Added: Ability to choose a specific workout in the "Streaks Workout" task
* Added: A "start workout" action button for the "Streaks Workout" task

Streaks 7.3:

* Added: Ability to set different action button when a task is completed
* Added: Ability choose "Share" for action buttons
* Added: Ability to long press on the task edit button for more options
* Added: Ability to long press on an archived task in order to restore/delete it

* Changed: Enabling task sync should now be faster
* Changed: Refreshed various icons on settings and task edit screens

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at

Latest update notes

Hello Film Crew,

This release adds new features based on your requests and suggestions:

• Introducing Signatures. You can now add a written signature to your user profile. This signature is used to automatically sign timesheets generated by Crew Call.
• Crew Members can now be marked as ‘Head of Department’ via the Crew List when using Multi User Mode. The HOD’s signature will be used to sign the HOD Section of timesheets where appropriate.
• Updated Rate Assist to calculate your Base Rate with more decimal precision. This will fix rounding errors that some crew have reported. To fix rounding errors on existing jobs, please re-enter your rate with the updated Rate Assist.
• New Work Days now default to unlocked when the Work Week has been marked as locked.
• Duplicating Work Days is allowed when a Work Day is locked.
• Exported CSVs now round to two decimal places for ‘Rate’ and ‘Income’.
• Fixed Bug where Night Loading Breakdown would sometimes not show in popup.
• Fixed Bug where text in timesheets would cut off when ‘Bold Text’ is enabled in System Accessibility Settings.
• Fixed Bug where numbers in the Rate Assist Breakdown would show an unnecessary ‘.0’.
• Small Bug Fixes and UI Tweaks.

Thank you for your ongoing feedback and support!

Kind Regards

Latest update notes

What's new in this build:
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Translations updated.
What's new in v6.1:
- New module (Beta): Users Module - list all users and groups on your NAS, add new User, manage User Groups, add user to the User Group.
- New Dashboard Display Modes: Condensed and Standard!
- UI Improvements for iOS and iPadOS 14 and 15.
- 2FA login imrpoved.
- Accessibility improvements.
- Other bug fixes and improvements.

Streaks Workout

Health & Fitness
By Quentin Zervaas
iPhone iPad Watch Apple TV

Latest update notes

Streaks Workout 5.1.3:

* Improves compatibility with the workouts task in Streaks

Streaks Workout 5.1:

* Added: Ability to duplicate workouts
* Added: Long press options on workouts
* Added: Ability to set number of repeats for a custom workout
* Added: Ability to set custom duration for random workouts
* Added: Ability to choose between short/medium/long sets for random workouts
* Added: Ability to set maximum number of exercises for random workouts. In other words, you can add 10 exercises and set it so only 6 of those are used for any single workout.
* Added: Icon to workouts to indicate if they are random or repeat
* Added: UI tweaks to Apple Watch app
* Added: Icons: weight plate, exercise bike
* Fixed: Custom workout changes may be lost if scrolling before saving
* Fixed: Issues relating to showing active workouts from other devices on Apple Watch
* Fixed: Layout improvements on 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch sizes

Thanks for using Streaks Workout! If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at

Latest update notes

- Fixed a bug where a low resolution image could be shown when state restoring into photo capture.
- Other small bug fixes and improvements.

If you like using Close-up we'd love to hear! Please leave us a quick review on the App Store or follow us at @CloseUpApp on Instagram or Twitter.