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Latest update notes

Shift+Alt transmitted correctly as Shift+Meta.

Includes the major changes from 2021.40:

Do port forwarding between your iOS device and server. This is configured inside terminal settings and synced between devices if iCloud KeyChain is enabled. Changes made to port forwards from the settings of a running terminal are reflected immediately.

You can also enable Dynamic Port Forwarding that looks for localhost:port mentions in the terminal. As you interact by tapping or dragging these mentions a forward from your device to the server is created on-demand. This is ideal when connecting to test services running locally on your server.

Shift+Tab in terminal transmits backwards tabulator used by some shells to cycle back in command completions.

Snippets support inserting escape characters.

Tapping listing errors in the Files app shows why listing failed.

Fix selection of tmux sessions on iOS 15.

Latest update notes

New in this build:
- Fixed issue when it was not possible to perform some actions for the Download Station Tasks.
- Other small internal improvements and fixes.

New features:
- New design! The all UI was improved to be more practical and nice.
- Perform some actions directly from Dashboard - eg. Stop Container, Start Task, ....
- Wake On LAN - Wake up your Synology NAS with Magic Packet within the local network directly from DS Manager!
- New Wake on LAN widget - Wake Up your NAS from the home screen.
- Download Station module improved: You can now Pause all tasks or Resume all tasks with single action button.
- Added new option for "Unzip password" when creating new Download Station task.
- Added ability to import Magnet links directly to DS Manager Pro Download Station Module
- Storage Module improved: Added support for Storage Pools, NVMe cache, ability to perform S.M.A.R.T. test, check S.M.A.R.T. test progress.
- Improved performance for the large Storage Pools
- Improved UI for the Storage Module
- CPU utilisation graph is now interactive. Just touch and drag to see previous values of the graph.
- You can now change Refresh interval for the certain Server directly from Dashboard View.
- Status Widget improved and redesigned with more attractive UI.
- You can now use "Pull to refresh" to refresh: Packages, Latest Logs.
- You can now use new Search bar to find specific item. Works for: Packages list, Latest logs list.
- Implemented all the latest API improvements for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.
- Full support for the latest DSM 7.
- Change the App icon in Settings.
- Other UI improvements.

Fixed issues in v6:
- Fixed "Clear logs" action was not working for DSM 7.
- Fixed iCloud sync was not working for some users.
- Other under the hood fixes and improvements.

iPhone iPad Mac Apple TV


By Shihab Mehboob

Latest update notes

- Preparation for future versions of iOS
- Music recognition now displays a popup and prompt to play the discovered track rather than playing it immediately
- Corrected text formatting for track counts
- Fixed issue where the vinyl disc wouldn’t stop pulsing after discovering music
- Minor UI changes

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch. Vinyls was created by an incredibly small team of one and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m available through Twitter @JPEGuin.

Latest update notes

- Improved input fields to be more accessible
- Each asset group and entry will now show total values
- Added an indicator to the edited entry for better orientation within the list
- Improved adding notes to entries
- Fixed a bug creating new assets when only a single asset group exists

Latest update notes

Minor bug fixes

Previous Update:

Off 3.0 Is Here

It includes a whole bunch of new features including:
Completely new UI design that's cleaner and more modern with quicker access to all the controls.
Computer details screen showing information on your computers such as IP addresses and hardware addresses.
Haptic feedback when you invoke a command.
Notification banners that can be tapped to add Siri shortcuts.
Performance and reliability improvements.

Latest update notes

* Fixed CSV import with tags
* Minor improvements to the UI

Book Track is developed by a single developer. I’m happy to receive feedback and feature request. If you like the app, leave a review. If you need help, write an email to


Latest update notes

* Fixed CSV import with tags
* Minor improvements to the UI

Book Track is developed by a single developer. I’m happy to receive feedback and feature request. If you like the app, leave a review. If you need help, write an email to


Latest update notes

- This update makes it possible to navigate into a related song! So you can get liner notes for samples, interpolation and remixes of a specific song.
- Now you can also open a song in Apple Music, right from the main app. Use it to listen and discover new related songs and more!

Latest update notes

• Fixed a crash when unlocking a new (unsaved) password safe with Touch Id enabled.
• Tweaked fonts in open/create dialogs.
• Provide failure dialog for "Use Safe for Password Autofill" action.
• Updated AutoFill status preferences pane to be more helpful and accurate.
• Clarified AutoFill setup steps in builtin Help.

All feedback is welcome. Thanks to those that have posted reviews. - Michael

Latest update notes

Albums 4.2.5 brings the following enhancements:

- A fix for an issue where the app could crash when selecting an individual track on an album
- A fix for an issue where the app could crash when processing changes to locally saved items

Latest update notes

Ever find yourself nostalgic for cover flow? So do I, so I built a cover flow inspired layout into the album view, along with a grid view and horizontal mode throughout the app. If this isn't your jam you can toggle it off in Settings.
Settings have been tweaked to group together related options more clearly, and UI bugs fixed.

Latest update notes

The one where coffee got superpowers

The new stuff:
- You can now rate a coffee.
- The coffee view is now split up so its easier to read
- Coffees can now be favourited, putting them in their own section at the top of lists ( long press on a coffee )
- The coffee page is now separated between ground and bean, so it’s easier to browse.
- Updated the sorting when you select a coffee so it prioritises recently added coffees.
- Made the behaviour of selecting a coffee consistent, so you can get the coffee details page anywhere.

The bug fixes:
- Fixes an issue where the graph on the homepage wasn’t showing the correct data.
- Fixes an issue where the graph on the coffee detail page wasn’t showing the correct data.
- App icons are now fixed, and you can select any icon as a plus member.
- Some random crashes have been fixed.

Thank you for continuing to support Coffee Book.