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Latest update notes

Introducing Video Tutorials! Hope they will help you how to use the features of the app. Find them in the settings screen

This update includes compatibility with the lates iOS release, plus, third party services get update.

Latest update notes

New in 3.0.6:

- Keep track of more information about your espresso shots. New fields include: WDT, RDT, Channeling, Puck Consistency and more)
- Rate your pour-over brews and track more details such as type of filter used, and grinder's RPM.
- Added a new field called Roast Level to Coffee beans.

Thank you to all who have sent their feedback!

▶ Introducing Filtru 3!

I'm so excited to finally be able to reveal Filtru 3! Packed with new features, inspired and designed with the help of baristas and coffee professionals this app will most definitely impact everyone's way of making coffee.

▶ Espresso Tools

Designed with home baristas in mind a set of tools to help you adjust the grinder for the ideal extraction, record the shot, create a taste profile and learn on how to improve every variable to get a better shot next time.

▶ Augmented Reality Guides

Learning to use equipment can sometimes be intimidating, especially when there are a lot parts to be assembled. Filtru's AR guides will help you try and get familiar with many brew methods even before you choose to buy your gear.

▶ New Brew Methods

Added 6 new brew methods! Clever Dripper, Vietnamese Phin, Turkish Cezve, Batch brew, cupping guide, espresso and few generic ones in case your dripper isn't listed in the app

▶ Track Coffee Beans

Keep a journal of your coffee beans and know when you're running out of coffee. Quickly add your coffee bags by pointing your phone camera at them and taking the picture. Filtru will automatically pick out key information to help you add it.

▶ Home screen Widgets

Know at a glance how much coffee you've got left in your bag or quickly launch your favourite brew guide with home screen widgets.

▶ and much more:

- Brew guide time adjustments
- Siri shortcuts
- Added Sign in with Apple
- Buy coffee using Apple Pay
- Custom app icons

Latest update notes

* [NEW] Duplicate keypads per your requests
* [NEW] Arabic and Hebrew localization (finally)
* [NEW] More places I ask for you to write a review, because it's so important
* [FIX] Allow UI rotation in almost every screen of the app
* [FIX] Better and localized suggested Siri invocation phrases
* [FIX] Minor UI issues

Latest update notes

• Updated data for those living in the future.

If you find SF Menu Bar useful, please rate or review it in the App Store, or recommend it to other developers. This makes a huge difference to me and the future of the app.

Thanks in advance,

Latest update notes

・Bug fixes & improvements

Recent changes:
・Lock Screen widgets
・Focus filters
・Shortcuts with zero setup
・Adapted for new devices

If you like Bluebird,
please give us a 5-star rating,
it can really help us.

Latest update notes

This is a fun one! We've added new widgets and complications, including new sizes and a shiny new daily forecast widget. We've also localized Mercury to German, so make sure to tell all your German friends! We, of course, also tweaked and fixed a few things here and there. Most notably, we added a workaround for when the watch sometimes would tell us that it's located right on the equator when it's not.

1.2.1 also includes a bunch of dynamic type improvements in the widgets and the main app.

Kai & Malin

Latest update notes

Hey everyone!
This version introduces support for Items and Mega Energy as rewards from Field Research Tasks!
As usual, it also contains a couple of fixes for some minor issues throughout the app to ensure you get the best experience.
Have fun!

Latest update notes

What's new in this version:
- Fixed UPS status widget.
- Other general stability improvements and fixes.

What's new in v7:
- Major User Interface overhaul and improvements.
- Focus Filters supported - filter available Servers based on your current Focus (iOS 16).
- Siri Shortcuts added - Connect, Restart, Shutdown and Wake On LAN Server (iOS 16).
- System Info module: You can now Update DSM version!
- Users module: Added option to Delete User.
- Download Station module: Added support for file upload to start new download task. Added support for remote file search.
- Adde new Help section.
- Translations updated - Thank you for your support!

Latest update notes

• Grid view, now you can see all of your recipes in a grid. I think it looks nice.
• Times now have spaces between the number and the unit
• Added option to make tapping a meal plan day present the notes rather than recipes
• Fix for a crash when ending timers
• Added a new print size

Latest update notes

- Fixes a bug where the in-app "Paste" button would sometimes stop working.
- Opener will now use up to 150 KB less space on your device.
- Other small bug fixes.

If you like using Opener we'd love to hear about it! Please leave us a quick review on the App Store or follow us at @OpenerApp on Twitter.

Latest update notes

- Fixed an issue on iOS 16 when repositioning web snippets
- Other smaller layout adjustments for iOS 16

If you like seeing improvements to NetSnips, please leave me a short review on the App Store. This helps a lot, thank you for your time! :-)

Greetings from South Tyrol, Italy!

Latest update notes

I hope you're enjoying the Pikadex experience. This update fixes some longstanding bugs.

If you've any feedback or suggestion, you can reach out to me on
If you're enjoying Pikadex, kindly consider leaving a review and help me in my journey!