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Latest update notes

・Bug fixes & improvements

Recent changes:
・Watch app
・New icon
・Extra large widgets for iPad
・Time Sensitive notifications
・Live Text

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Latest update notes

• Markdown Notes - You can now use Markdown in the notes field to view beautiful headers, lists, bold, italics, code blocks, quotes etc. Default OFF - Opt-In here: Advanced Preferences > Markdown Notes
• Copy All Fields option (Browse View > Long Tap > Copy Fields > Copy All Fields) - It wasn't nuclear physics :)
• AutoFill Advanced Options (Scan Alternate URLs (KP2A_* URL*), Scan Custom Fields, Scan Notes)
• Quick Views (Tap into Search Bar to view) for: Expired Entries, Nearly Expired Entries)
• Improved the Getting Started Wizard - Better graphics and explanation of what a master password is.
• 'Transfer over Wi-Fi / LAN' feature now available in a more intuitive location ( + > Transfer over Wi-Fi)
• Restore Gear icon Password Preferences button to the Edit Password cell (by popular demand!)
• BugFix: Quick Launch database not launched if database locked in background due to timeout
• BugFix: Prevent loss of edits when device is rotated or user accidentally taps out of Entry being edited. Prompt now, and collapse to edit screen by default.
• BugFix: On startup there is a tiny interval to view the Databases List even if App Lock is on
• BugFix: Users with Convenience Unlock Timeout/Reminder set to 'On App Exit' can accidentally use Convenience Unlock in AutoFill mode, which fails and clears the secret. Block and better wording.
• BugFix: Lock screen can become pixelated if the Shield View has never appeared before
• BugFix: Slide Left banner in Browse can appear under the bottom toolbar
• BugFix: Very strange App Pin behaviour when AutoFill is launched within the Strongbox app itself (Inception!)
• TECH/BugFix: Ephemeral (In Memory Only) Secret Store objects were not encrypted as expected. Fix to encrypt as per regular Secret Store keychain blobs. Part of hardening against memory attacks effort.
• TECH: Strange out of bounds array access to Databases List - Defensive coding to protect against a crash
• TECH: Conditional compilation for Graphene (Zero build) and other custom builds allow complete removal of libraries from binaries
• PERF: Reduced memory footprint by fully managing all KeePass XML items
• Localization Updates

If you are enjoying the new version of Strongbox it would be great if you could leave a positive review for us in the App Store. It makes a huge difference to us as Indie developers. Thank you!

If you're experiencing any problems or are not happy, just let us know ( and we'll make it right.

- The Strongbox Team

Latest update notes

• 4 new Brewing Methods - enjoy Immersion Switch, Staresso, Staresso Mini and Staresso Pro
• 198 new Roasteries
• Added Colombian Sugar Cane decaf method
• Added Harvest date to Coffee detail
• 50% Off Premium - get ready for your Coffee Advent Calendars!
• Unlimited Products is now a one-time single purchase - no subscription needed for unlimited Products
Enjoy the update and Happy Brewing!

Latest update notes

CardPointers 3 is the biggest update yet, and helps you save even more money in several new ways:

* Location Reminders allow you to save the location of your favorite stores, then the app will automatically notify you when you're next there, with the details of your best card.
* Smart Lists can be set up to notify you as soon as new offers become available on Amex, Chase, Citi, and Bank of America, so that you can add it to your card before anyone else.
* Safari Extension can be activated and then notify you on every e-commerce site which of your cards you should use, and also lets you know about any credits or offers you have available.
* The Safari Extension has another superpower -- activate it on the Chase or American Express website, and you can activate every offer available with just one tap, and sync them to your CardPointers account, where they'll be incorporated throughout the app (including the shopping part of the Safari Extension!)

Additionally, the app has now been expanded beyond the United States, and supports every country in the world. Many banks and cards have already been added to other countries, and even more will be added in the future. And if the app doesn't yet have one of your cards, you can now add it directly in the app yourself and fully customize it.

If English isn't your primary language, you're covered there, too -- CardPointers has learned French, Spanish, and German this year, with more languages planned later this year.

Here is a detailed list of just some of the new features, designed exclusively for iOS/iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8:

Safari Web Extension:
* Synchronized with the user’s app data to show them the best of their credit cards to use at checkout across thousands of different sites based on rewards categories and offers, and users can classify other sites themselves
* Bulk-activate Amex and Chase Offers and sync them to your account
* Works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Watch:
* Region-based user notifications (to notify the user which card to use at their regular supermarket, gas station, etc, without having to open the app)
* New complication families using beautiful hierarchical SF Symbols
* Updated layout integrating search and swipe gestures and a new Settings screen
* New title bar design throughout
* Works independently of the iOS app, but keeps everything in sync for those who have both

* Region-based user notifications like the ones in the new Watch app + integrated map view to manage saved locations and add new ones in a flash
* Smart Lists to be notified whenever new Amex, Chase, and other offers become available which match criteria of your choosing
* Hierarchical SF Symbols
* Support for Quick Note
* Pull-to-refresh
* Swipe gestures
* Improved search
* Icons added to notification actions
* Integrate new blur materials throughout
* More inline menus
* Improved Handoff support across all devices
* New extra large widget on iPad
* Improved keyboard support

All apps:
* Added support and set up cards & banks for Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, and India, with full support for every other country already built in to the app via the ability to add custom cards and banks
* Localized in French, German, and Spanish to expand the app internationally, with more languages planned in the future


v3.0.4 fixes an issue with Sign in with Apple and now automatically logs you in on all devices, adds support for Apple Watch Series 7 (including a new Expiring Offers complication), and fixes a few bugs for good measure.

Latest update notes

- Fixed issue where avatars/images would sometimes flash when refreshing a timeline. Yes, it's a pretty small bug, but was driving one of us crazy.

---- 6.5.1 ----
- Fixed issue with playing videos on iOS 15 when timeline media playback is disabled.

----- 6.5 -----
- Added support for selecting text in the Tweet detail view

Latest update notes

Welcome to Twidget v1.1.4.

New Features:
- Offline image caching.
- New App Store screenshots.

Thanks for taking the time to look at Twidget. If you have any feature requests, feedback or questions; please don’t hesitate to get in touch. :)

Latest update notes

Are you ready for more new features?

During the recent feature update, there was suppose to be a little more features than just those.
Now that all the remaining features are ready, here they are:

- Native iPad support! Atmosphere now runs natively on the iPad, with a specially designed user interface just for the iPad.
- Fixes for a ton of bugs!
- the cloud detection box is more refined now
- cloud detection box no longer disappears after switching of cameras (such as for different camera zoom amounts)
- improved portrait mode cloud detection

We hope you enjoy this release!

As always, happy cloud-spotting!

Latest update notes

- IMPROVED: improve access to select audio track in video player
- IMPROVED: improve access to select subtitle in video player
- FIXED: fix issue that access token of OneDrive expires not correctly handled
- FIXED: fix issue that artwork cloud not automatically updated when metadata is missing
- FIXED: fix issue that video streamed from AliyunDrive cloud not resumed from playback history
- FIXED: fix issue that recent history not removed when the source file deleted from remote server

Latest update notes

Enhanced weather feature to have less loading time to first load available data for users to see, more background changes throughout day depending on weather conditions too. ~Stay tune & Stay Safe while more updates come to TaskCow

Latest update notes

You've done a long way and learned a lot about yourself... It's time for the main challenge of The Magic School – a real magic exam! Greet the epic update:
– The "Magic Exam": a completely new test with riddles and puzzles of Astronomy, Arithmancy, Runes, Divination, and other subjects taught!
– Bye-bye banners: significant reduction in in-app ads for everyone!
– ... and for those who would like to support the "The Magic School": the option to disable ads forever with an affordable in-app purchase!
- Refreshing the design of some elements.

Latest update notes

Hello, thank you for your continued support. I am reading all the feedback I have received so far and In this release several bugs have been fixed.

* Photos should now sync between multiple devices if iCloud is enabled.
* Data should now sync between multiple devices if iCloud is enabled.
* Images should now be compressed on your device to save on storage space.
* Fixed an issue where deleting an image under certain circumstances would delete the wrong image.
* Introduced a pull-down-to-refresh action to force a sync.
* Fixed an issue with the animation when deleting a room or item from the lists.

Latest update notes

v3.0 is a major redesign of the Contacts Journal CRM app! Here are some highlights:
• Beautiful New Design:  thoughtfully redesigned for visual clarity, and new app interface looks great, and is easier to use than ever!
• New Contacts Sidebar: easy access to Tags and Groups to quickly filter and categorize your contacts.
• Powerful New Filters: new sidebar functionality in Logs, ToDos, Maps and Files pages, to help you quickly find the information you're looking for
• Performance Improvements: the app now launches and runs faster than before. Optimized for M1 Mac.

Best of all, the update is free to all existing users!

If you enjoy the updates, please support us by leaving a review in the App Store and recommending us to your friends and colleagues. Each review and referral matters, and helps us grow and improve our app.