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App Anniversaries 🎂

Indie apps celebrating anniversary on App Store today 🥳

8th Anniversary


Health & Fitness
By David Smith
iPhone iPad Watch
2nd Anniversary

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Latest update notes

• BugFix: crash on tablets on latest OS version
• BugFix: Fix delay in AutoFill launch
• Localization Updates

If you are enjoying the new version of Strongbox it would be great if you could leave a positive review for us in the App Store. It makes a huge difference to us as Indie developers. Thank you!

If you're experiencing any problems or are not happy, just let us know ( and we'll make it right.

- The Strongbox Team

Latest update notes

SleepRecovery 2 is here

Amazing Redesign for watchOS 10
Prepare yourself for a dazzling watchOS 10 makeover that will have your wrist feeling like it's walking the fashion runway! Say goodbye to boring hues and hello to a vibrant spectrum of colors! The watchOS app now flaunts a palette that's as lively as your dreams. A design magic wand has been waved, crafting an interface so enchanting, you'll want to check your sleep stats just for the sheer pleasure of it!

Amazing Redesign for iOS
Your iPhone deserves a makeover too! The SleepRecovery app for iPhone has been completely redesigned, with a fresh look and improved user experience.

Introducing SleepRecovery for iPad
Get ready to supercharge your sleep tracking experience on the big screen! SleepRecovery is now available on iPad, with a beautiful interface designed to make the most of your tablet's capabilities.

Kicked Those Pesky Bugs Out of Bed!
Those pesky bugs have been shown the door! The app is now more reliable than ever, ensuring your sleep data is as accurate as your dreams.

Upgrade to SleepRecovery 2 and enjoy a sleep tracking experience that's more stylish, feature-packed, and versatile than ever before! Sweet dreams and happy tracking!

Latest update notes

"I had a lucid dream the night I downloaded this app" (5-Star App Review)

This update includes design and performance improvements, plus new features:
+ Dreamsigns
+ Peak dreamtime
+ Sleep cycle tracking (nuanced analytics requires Apple Watch)
+ Searchable dream journal

Am I dreaming?


By Shihab Mehboob
iPhone iPad Mac Apple TV

Latest update notes

- Added an artists section to the media picker
- Added artist search
- Added a settings option to toggle displaying the music recognition button
- Fixed various crashes

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch. Vinyls was created by an incredibly small team of one and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m available through Twitter @JPEGuin.


By Phanith Ny
iPhone iPad Mac

Latest update notes

Thanks for using SpendLists! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store as soon as possible.
Every update includes improvements in speed, reliability, bug fixes, and new features.

In this version:
• Resolved invalid currency symbol on iOS 17

Latest update notes

* Updated App Store screenshots with latest icons and iPad layout.

Bug Fixes
* Fix an issue where tabbing away from Nihongo on a Mac while the recent searches screen was visible would cause the sidebar to become garbled.
* Fix issue where tab bar would become stuck permanently visible on flashcard screen when transitioning from regular to compact width on iPad.
* Fix a bug causing the navigation bar to be corrupted when switching from compact to regular width under certain circumstances.
* Fixed a crash when updating the sidebar latest dechks under certain circumstances.
* Fix issue where leaving and returning to the app while viewing the photo lookup screen with chrome dismissed would cause the navigation bar to reappear.
* Fix an issue where when tapping on a photo to bring back the navigation chrome would not animate, when viewing photo from anywhere other than the photo lookup flow.
* Fix an issue where the clipping paste button could break when on large dynamic text sizes.
* Fix an issue where the "View Conjugations" text wouldn't appear under certain circumstances.

Latest update notes

The new versions of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are here and we're so excited about the possibilities it brings.

• Interactive Controls for Now Playing Widgets

• Playback Controls in small Now Playing Widgets
iOS & iPadOS 17 only.

• StandBy Widgets
View and Control your music from StandBy on your iPhone with iOS 17.

• iPadOS Lock Screen Widgets
Enabled support for Lock Screen widgets on iPadOS 17.

• iPadOS Live Activities
Enabled support for Live Activities for iPadOS 17.

• Enabled new Symbols added to iOS 17 in the Symbol Picker.
Now there are 5000+ symbols to choose from

Fixes and Improvements.

Latest update notes

iOS 17 compatibility update with StandBy support for widgets

Implemented Handoff - when you open game detail in the app, you will be easily able to open it in the browser on your Mac for example. This might be useful when buying games from the eShop.

Alpenglow: Sunset Forecast

By Andrew Yates
iPhone iPad Watch Apple TV

Latest update notes

Big update for Alpenglow ready for iOS 17.
- Support for Interactive Widgets, switch between Sunrise and Sunset within Forecast Widgets.
- Add Alpenglow Widgets to Standby Mode.
- Forecast Widgets now use the full range of color for the background.
- Added the ability to rotate the map for even easier planning.
- You can now share forecasts within the Outlook tab.
- You can now use Alpenglow in Landscape on iPhone.
- Support for Lock Screen Widgets on iPad.
- New watchOS 10 Redesign
- watchOS Complications have been rebuilt.
- Support for watchOS Smart Stack.
- Improved support for Shortcuts.
- Long press on an upcoming event to start a Live Activity.
- When you lose connectivity Widgets will continue to show Forecasts rather than displaying an upgrade message incorrectly.
- Recent Locations are now deduplicated when selecting a location.
- Times within the Outlook tab will now use the locations' timezone, matching times shown elsewhere in the app unless "Use Device Timezone" is selected.
- Easily manage your Alpenglow Pro subscription via the "Manage Subscription" option in the More tab.
- Various Bug Fixes.

TV Launcher: Live US Channels

By Adam Foot
iPhone iPad Watch Mac Apple TV

Latest update notes

In this update:

- Improved watchOS app design.

- Existing Siri Shortcuts and Widgets on iOS 17 now use AppIntents for improved functionality.

- Added some preset Shortcuts that don’t require configuring first.

- Added a Shortcut to fetch the currently airing program for a channel.

- Added a Shortcut to fetch the Now & Next status for a channel.

- Added a Shortcut to fetch the TV Guide on a specific date for a channel.

- Added a Shortcut to fetch programs in Up Next and another to fetch programs you have reminders set for.

- Added Shortcuts to add or remove programs from the Up Next queue.

- Added Shortcuts to set or remove reminders for programs.

- Added a Find Channel Shortcut that filters available channels in the app.

- Added Shortcuts to add or remove channels from Favorites.

- Added Shortcuts show or hide channels.

- Added a Shortcut for watching a program - works similar to the Watch Channel Shortcut but accepts a program instead.

- Added an Inline Channels Widget.

- Support for StandBy on iOS 17.

- Support for Lock Screen Widgets on iPadOS 17.

- Added some relevant tips throughout the app using TipKit.

- Updated the design of the Widgets.

- Improved the loading of channels on the watchOS app.

- Support for the Smart Stack on watchOS 10.

- Fixed a bug where Favorite or Hidden Channels would get reset if they contained a channel that was removed from the app.

- Fixed a bug where the TV Guide may not have updated correctly when returning to the app the next day.

- Compatibility updates for iOS 17 & watchOS 10.

- Other bug fixes & improvements.

If you like this app, I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a positive review! Having issues? Please get in touch:


Latest update notes

We are excited to announce the release of Auto Scroll! This update brings several enhancements and fixes to make your scrolling experience even smoother. Here are the key highlights of this release:

New Features:

1. No new features this time, but we made sure this app version is compatible with iOS 17

Improvements and Enhancements:

1. Improved Stability: We've addressed several stability issues that were reported by our users. Auto Scroll App is now more reliable, ensuring a smoother scrolling experience without interruptions.

2. Optimized Performance: We have made performance enhancements to optimize the app's resource usage, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced battery consumption.

3. Bug Fixes: We've fixed various bugs and issues reported by our users. This includes resolving occasional crashes, addressing compatibility problems on specific devices, and ensuring proper synchronization between the app and the system settings.

We hope you enjoy using Auto Scroll! Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions, suggestions, or encounter any issues. Happy NOT scrolling!

Latest update notes

GoSUP Stand-Up Paddle is ready for the next generation!

New with the following features:
- Custom Workout Screen: Decide if you see paddle strokes, distance or other metrics during your workout.
- Water contact and water temperature: GoSUP detect where you jumped into water and measures the water temperature. This feature is only available on the Apple Watch Ultra.
- Route new also on the Apple Watch
- Share your location with friends
- New design for the Apple Watch
- Live Activity to control your workout

Since the implementation of the features takes a lot of time, some functions are now chargeable.
However, the basic functions will remain free forever.