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Latest update notes

- Live Activities Widgets on Lock Screen for iPhone and Dynamic Island for iPhone 14 Pro/Max (iOS 16.1 required).
- Call your mom, message your friend, get driving directions, start shortcuts, play music, or launch any app with one tap on the Lock Screen or Dynamic Island!


- Lock Screen Widgets on iOS 16. (iPhone only)
- Includes great monochrome icons for many apps, option to create monochrome icons using 3000+ glyphs, and the ability to convert any icon into a monochrome icon that looks great on the Lock Screen.
- Watch Face Widgets on watchOS 9.

Latest update notes

- Performance improvements during first sync
- The counter of items in the Backlog, Spaces and Tags now reflects the visibility settings of the list. For example, if there are 3 movies in the Backlog of which 2 have been watched, if the Backlog has been set to show only unwatched items, then the counter will only show one item, otherwise 3 items
- Fixed an issue with some Countries that returned wrong item languages during the search

Movie Tracker is developed by an indie developer. I’m happy to receive feedback and feature request. If you like the app, leave a review. If you need help, write an email to


Latest update notes

This update contains lots of new functionality and a number of bug fixes. Full details are available in the help file and on our website but are summarised below:

• Consolidated in-app purchases to Flight Log Preferences and Calculator Preferences (in-app purchase required for those items marked with the symbols ¹ (Flight Log Preferences) and ² (Calculator Preferences) below).
• The ‘What's New’ window can now be re-opened from the menu.
• Fixed a number of crash bugs.
• Fixed a display issue affecting the Unlock Additional Options screen on smaller devices.

Flight Log:
• Added new aircraft registration field.
• Added new duty time fields.
• Added new PDF report for flights.
• Added option to use block times instead of airborne times in the log time calculation.¹
• Added the option to display elapsed times in decimals instead of hours and minutes.¹

• Calculator history tape is now saved between sessions.
• Added an arithmetic calculator.²
• Added a decimal time calculator.²
• Added automatic conversion between hours and minutes and decimals.²

Previous purchase of Countdown Preferences automatically enables the new Flight Log Preferences and previous purchase of either Colour Pack automatically enables the new Calculator Preferences.

Latest update notes

- Make keys of photo big when key size in settings is big.
- Display color of phrase around "command" icon.
- Make default shortcut title length 30 character from main phrase.
- Adjust exported phrases in CSV files.
- Fix crash happened when there are more photos in media folders
- Fix issue of some users can't change Clipboard limit.

Latest update notes

### New ###

- Apps list can now be sorted by modification date
- Added support for AirPods Pro 2

### Fixed ###

- Fixed AirPods missing in accessories list (macOS Ventura)
- Fixed an issue with Microsoft Teams update check
- Fixed other small issues

Latest update notes

- Drag & Drop! Easily move tasks around and rearrange your plan.
- Timezone Support! Set timezones for tasks to help with travelling and planning meetings.
- Stunning new app icon!
- 70 new icons (including winter icons) and better recommendations.

We are super excited to release a big update today! Structured 3.0 will dramatically improve your planning, adapt if things don't go as planned, and help you when travelling.

** Drag & Drop **

This has probably been the number one request feature, and it is super powerful.

You can simply press and hold a task until it pops out of the timeline, and then drag it wherever you like. A small preview will show you where the task will be once dropped.

But it doesn't stop there. Drag and drop is so deeply integrated into Structured, and it works (almost) everywhere. You can take a task from the inbox and drop it into your day, move something to the next day, by dropping it on the day at the top and even create a task at a specific time by dragging the "Plus" button there.

On top of all that, drag and drop also integrates with the system. You can drag stuff like emails or links into Structured, and it will automatically create a task for you. At the same time, you can also take a task and drag it out into other apps to create a link to it.

There is a lot to explore with drag and drop, so go head and move stuff around. Plans sometimes change, and that's ok.

** Timezones **

People that travel a lot or work with people from other parts of the world, know that timezones can sometimes be confusing. If you have a meeting with someone in New York at 1 PM their time, when do I need to show up in Berlin (it's 7 PM)?

With Structured 3.0 this is now much easier. When creating a task, you can assign it a timezone and set the time in that timezone. It will then appear at your local time in your plan, so you'll never miss a meeting again.

When travelling, you can also decide which tasks should stay at a fixed time (e.g. a meeting with someone back home) or which should adjust to your new location (e.g. lunch at 12). To get the later behavior, simply select "Floating time zone", but don't worry, it's also the default one for your tasks.

** New App Icon **

As soon as you update, you'll probably notice that the app icon on your home screen looks a bit different. Unfortunately, we had to adjust the icon, since it looked very similar to another company logo, but I'm happy we had to.

The talented Matthew Skills did an outstanding job at designing the new. He even designed a few variations which you can select in the settings and the amazing Donatus Wolf took it upon himself to create one in the style of one sec, which you can unlock by enabling the integration.

** Better Icon Recommendations & New Icons **

There is not only a new app icon, but also 70 new icons you can use for your tasks, including specific ones for the winter season (sorry Southern Hemisphere).

This bumps the number of icons to over 600, but luckily the automatic icon selection has also gotten much better, so you'll spend less time looking for the right one.

Thanks to everyone, who requested new icons, and make sure to keep them coming if you are missing the perfect icon for your task.

Additionally, where are also some smaller changes like a more compact visualization of overlapping tasks and bug fixes. Also make sure to check out our blog at []( for a nice video showing the new features!

~ Leo

Latest update notes

• Improved the import of Anki decks
• Fixed a bug where some fonts in LaTeX were not displaying correctly

Thank you for learning with Flashtex! If you have a question, a suggestion, or run into an issue, please email me at or visit

Latest update notes

NEW IN v2.7:
- Beautiful and Glanceable Design. A cleaner, more readable design focuses on the information that matters, such as the estimated time left for in-progress books or the star rating for finished books.
- Shake to Choose. No more choice paralysis! Randomly choose the next book you read just by shaking your device!
- Quick Swipe and Long Press Actions. Start a reading session or delete a book with a swipe, and do much more by tapping and holding on a book.
- Smart Collections. Navigate your library by reading status, category, or author, or create your own collections. View books you're currently reading right from the Collections screen.
- Advanced Sorting. There are now 16 ways to sort your library!
- Buy books on & Amazon. Support local bookstores (and me) by buying your books using the new in-app links.

FIXED IN 2.7.2: Phantom reading sessions have been banished!
FIXED IN 2.7.1: Book stats and trends are working again!

Bookshelf is built entirely by one person, and I love hearing your feedback! Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions using the app and I'll get back to you!

Latest update notes

• Added: Introducing Santa Skein: a new holiday-themed icon for pro users!
• Added: Shorter needle length options, including 2", 2.75", 3" and 4.5" sizes.
• Added: You can now add quantity information for tools in your tool stash.
• Added: iOS/iPadOS users will find a new "Cool Links" section in Settings, with links to the Fasten Off Yarn-along, a Local Yarn Shop finder, and Yarn Database—a great place to find new designers, yarns, and more.
• Improved: The list of associated projects on a yarn's detail page is now a nice scrolling list of thumbnail images.
• Fixed: Choosing the "OG YarnBuddy" icon actually changes the icon.
• Miscellaneous small bug fixes.

Thank you for all of your yarn database submissions! I will continue to add large batches of yarn to the database over the next few months. Thanks as well for your bug reports, and overall support of YarnBuddy. If you enjoy the app, please consider leaving a positive App Store review! Happy holidays!

Latest update notes

• Double-tap to zoom photos
• New Turbo Mode design
• Toggle High Contrast mode for accent colors
• Fixes adding photos to Favorites
• New debugging tools for photo scanning

For a full list, check out

Latest update notes

- Added write support for NTFS and HFS+ filesystems. Similar to APFS, this is enabled by an in-app purchase since there are third party license costs involved.
- Added APFS, NTFS and HFS+ as filesystem option when formatting a new encrypted disk.
- Added new "Captured photos format" setting to change the default image format from HEIC to JPEG
- Localization improvements


Food & Drink
By Ambi Studio AB
iPhone iPad Watch Mac

Latest update notes

- Meal Plan has a brand new design, making it easier than ever to plan what to cook. And on top of that your meal plans are now also available on your TV!
- We've taken the Gallery to the next level by adding Profiles. Set a profile image and see all your shared recipes in a single place.
- Improves Share functionality by separating share into three separate buttons. Share, Invite and Export.

Patch fixes:
- Fixes bug where Saving an imported recipe doesn't update the UI
- Fixes bug where Quick Facts weren't instantly updated when edited