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App Anniversaries 🎂

Indie apps celebrating anniversary on App Store today 🥳

6th Anniversary


By Agile Tortoise
iPhone iPad Watch
6th Anniversary
5th Anniversary
3rd Anniversary

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Latest update notes

Meet Timer.Coffee 2.0!

I’ve made a ton of internal changes that have allowed me to introduce some cool new features, such as:
- Updating the recipes without needing to update the entire app.
- Brew Diary, which allows you to track your brews, add notes, and more.
- 5 new languages added: Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian and Ukrainian.

This is just the beginning — more awesome updates are on the way! Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Version 2.0.1 fixes a little bug related to loading the steps for recipe in a correct order. Tnahks @robertkb for pointing it out!

Latest update notes

• Fixed a few bugs on the Map tab.
• Added fishing coordinates for New York.

Hope you enjoy the updates. Suggestions, questions, feedback, or bug reports are always welcome at

Latest update notes

Reliability improvements, especially for cases of getting and expiring the subscription.
Previous emergency update fixes app freezes on app start on Apple Watch and a random crash during background update. These issues were the result of an unfortunate oversight during larger under-the-hood changes. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused - thanks!

Made the purchasing & product restoring process more reliable (usually Weathergraph should pick up your purchases without a need for a manual restore).

SKY BACKGROUND: Enjoy the full-color background matching the sky at a current time of day. Tap the Skylight option in app and widget preferences, and you're in. Sky background is also available on the watch.

The chart now loads much faster when you open the app. I've optimized it to only render the visible part initially, with the rest showing up afterwards. Result? Much snappier feeling.
Fixed a bug that caused widgets to update too frequently, which could result in the system temporarily disabling further widget updates.

Precipitation probability is now more visible on the skylight background.

High/low lock screen widget and watch complications now shows temperature high, low, and precipitation for the next 24 hours instead of today only.

- NWS radar (for the US) or (rest of the world) loads up with your actual location marked and centered.
- Weather Spark is a climate report service ran by enthusiasts, who love data visualization as much as I do. There is no better place on the internet to get the info about how are the Canaries in September. Weather Spark integration displays the closest point from the Weather Spark database (one is nearby).

- Weathergraph adds NWS (National Weather Service) forecast for all US based weather enthusiasts.
- Preferences now have their own screen on the watch, just like in the iPhone app.
- Weekly chart: You can now see a week at a glance below the main chart, both in the app and in the large widget. Tap the weekly chart to scroll directly to that time.
- Sun glow: As the murky autumn arrives, know when to look forward to a healthy dose of sun rays. The warm glow above the cloud layer highlights particularly sunny times.
- Smoother scrolling through the app and charts, especially on the older devices.
- Full-screen chart now allows you to scroll through more than a week (if the forecast is long enough).
- Wind lock screen widget uses the arrow for wind direction and circled icon when gusty.
- Brand-new sunrise/sunset complication and lock screen widget, that shows the next sun event (or tells you that you are in a polar day/night zone if you are that lucky).

Revamped watchOS 10 app
- Weathergraph now shines on the watch with a sleek new look! Pin Weathergraph's widgets to watchOS 10s Smart Stack, just a twist of a crown away from the watchface.
- Note: Due to a location permissions issue on watchOS 10, the app may not update your location automatically. Don't worry — just open Weathergraph on your iPhone, and it will sync the location to your watch.

Latest update notes


• The cards on Summary, Reports, and Logbook were adjusted to look more consistent


• Improved frequency that Logbook content could fit the screen perfectly
• Logbook sometimes didn't look correct in the moment after making a fresh start
• More robust Dropbox sync handling in unusual circumstances
• The sync icon on the settings tab animates while syncing again

Latest update notes

Fontflex Update Unveiled! Get Ready to Flex Your Fonts Like Never Before!

1. Say Hello to Fontflex! We've revamped our app with a new name - Fontflex! Because why settle for ordinary fonts when you can flex your style with us?

2. Optimize Your Font Fun! Get ready for an epic font experience! Fontflex now runs faster, smoother, and with a battery and data-saving mode! Say goodbye to lag and hello to seamless font flexing!

3. Squashed Bugs and Boosted Brilliance! We've been busy behind the scenes, fixing pesky bugs and making improvements to ensure Fontflex is at its absolute best for you! Smooth sailing ahead!

Got ideas, thoughts, or just want to chat about fonts? We're all ears! Reach out to us - your font fanatics - and let's make Fontflex even more amazing together! Thank you for choosing Fontflex - stay tuned for more font-tastic updates headed your way!
Discover the Latest Enhancements in Our Fontflex Update!

Latest update notes

• Before, MusicHarbor wouldn't update existing calendar events for upcoming albums if you altered your preferred alert settings. Now, it offers you the choice to update existing events when adjusting in Settings → General → Alert.
• Fixed an issue where selecting “Concerts” in the iPad’s sidebar would open "News" instead.

Latest update notes

• The music list now indicates which items have a star rating or notes.
• Tag and Smart Search folders can now be edited and deleted from the sidebar.
• Tag folders now display the item count.
• The 'Find Music' shortcut action now supports filtering by URL.
• Resolved a problem where the Manage Tags screen would unexpectedly close while modifying music tags.

Latest update notes

Play 2.1.6 brings a host of user-requested enhancements and new features across the app:

• You can now customize the sorting order of your Channels Inbox.
• Added the ability to share the video directly from Channels Inbox.
• New button for adding a tag to a video saved for later when swiping in Channels Inbox.
• Tag and Smart Search folders can now be edited and deleted from the sidebar.
• Tag folders now display the item count.
• The video list now indicates which videos have a star rating or notes.
• Included buttons to help with Markdown formatting while editing a note.
• The 'Find Video' shortcut action now supports filtering by URL.
• Resolved a problem where the 'Manage Tags' screen would unexpectedly close while modifying video tags.
• Resolved a problem where the 'New by Creator' section would lost the selected item when changing the count of videos to watch.

Latest update notes

- NEW: Build insights. Track your build count and duration from within the side window
- IMPROVED: Perform button contains a chevron now to improve the affordance (Thanks, E. Sanchez)
- FIXED: Device names with e.g. 16GB in their name now work with the side window (Thanks, J. van Order)
- FIXED: Status bar correctly shows 9:41 in all timezones now (Thanks, P. Friese)
- FIXED: RocketSim's windows don't show up as sharable during meetings anymore (Thanks, R. Verhoeven)
- FIXED: Recent builds are now filtered on Simulator runtime identifier

Latest update notes

Consolidate 3.1 is a major update, bringing a new navigation design, new study and search screens, and numerous improvements.

# New Navigation
App features have been split across three sections: Library, Study, and Search.
• New: When viewing a lesson, selecting a category will navigate to that category.
• Improved: The selected section and current view will restored when reopening the app.

# Search
The search tab helps you find lessons in a course.
• New: Search tokens help you build advanced search queries, filtering titles, learning outcomes, and notes.
• New: Recent searches are saved to help you quickly view a previous search.

# Study
The study tab displays current and previous study sessions.
• New: View all study sessions in reverse chronological order.
• New: Select a study session to navigate to the lesson.

# Actions and Commands
• New: Navigate between the new tabs/sidebar items from the View menu or using keyboard shortcuts.
• New: Lessons can be copied to another course.
• New: Toggle ‘Ready to Study’, start a ‘Live Study’, or log a previous study session using keyboard shortcuts.
• New: The ‘Add Existing Lessons to Category’ command can be found in the File menu or using a keyboard shortcut.
• New: When viewing a lesson, categories can be edited from the toolbar.
• New: Categories can be opened in a new window.
• New: Add links, learning outcomes, and notes using keyboard shortcuts.
• New: Launch the developer website from Settings.

# Visual Design
• Improved: The colour of buttons and headings have been changed to increase contrast.
• Improved: The Progress widget matches the design of the new category tiles in the library screen.
• Improved: When adding existing lessons to a category, the search bar stays visible when scrolling.
• Improved: The design of category header has increased contrast with toolbar buttons.
• Improved: The ‘Add Tag’ view is larger when viewed as a popover.
• Improved: The ‘Leave a Tip’ view has minor design tweaks.

# Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
• Fixed: When the total study duration of a category was greater than 9 hours, the widget would crash.
• Improved: Reduced the likelihood of hangs when navigating a course with many categories and lessons.

Latest update notes

Widgetsmith 6.2 brings a brand-new widget type: Background Sounds!

Beyond the standard White and Brown Noises, this release includes sounds from nature, including various intensities of rain, forest sounds for both daytime and nighttime, and waves at the beach. These sounds are high quality and uncompressed, creating seamless loops for a rich soundscape. Create an immersive ambience right from your home screen.

The sounds can be played right from your home screen and combined with a photograph to set the scene perfectly.

Premium users get access to the entire collection of sounds, as well as custom controls. These include a Sleep Timer and the ability to mix Background Sounds with other audio playing on the device.

This release also includes several bug fixes for a few small issues related to widgets displaying the weather, sunrise/set information, and more.

Latest update notes

What’s New:
- Bug fixes

That’s New in Version 3.26:
- On iPad & Mac you see extended information in the sidebar and customize these.
- More Siri & Shortcuts support (timetable & homework)
- Exams can be viewed and created from Apple Watch.
- Improved export of timetable as image or PDF
- Minor improvements

If you have any problems fell free to contact me via