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5th Anniversary

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MTB Hangtime

iPhone iPad Watch

Latest update notes

You can now add a Power Meter or Heart Rate Monitor from the upper right menu of the main screen. You can then view the live stats from these devices during an activity, or after when viewing a saved activity.

Latest update notes

[NEW] Re-Reads – By far the most requested feature I’ve had since day 1, you can finally log re-reads for any book! Your reading logs also have a fresh new bringing all the most important progress details into one place.
[NEW] Quick Logs – Now you can quickly log which page you’re on without creating a reading session, with a fun new interaction!
[NEW] iCloud Backups – Your Bookshelf data is now securely backed up to your private iCloud daily, so you can rest easy that your data is safe.
[IMPROVED] I’ve spent the past month completely refactoring Bookshelf’s codebase to be cleaner, more bug-free and more performant. This will help me build new features and continue to improve the app at an accelerated pace moving forward, so look out for a busy few months of updates!
[FIXED] Some important bug fixes.

As always, I love hearing from you so please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or suggestions!

Latest update notes

The best time-blocking app has just gotten better! By popular request, you can now personalize your TimeFinder with all-new Schedule Appearance options, including view density (relaxed/compact), corner style (round/square), and more.

Other recent improvements:
- Text scaling improvements
- Fixed an issue with displaying recurring appointments in Widgets
- Added two-way syncing for "completion status" for Tasks imported via Reminder Sync (full two-way synchronization coming soon!)

Be sure to continue to sharing & voting on your most-wanted features at

Thank you for your feedback and support! -Luke

Latest update notes

・Show day of the week in day sections.
・iOS 15 or later is now required to make the app reliable.
・Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

・Improved the sync feature.
・Introducing Time Zone Support.
・You can now import your data effortlessly using CSV files.
・Added an option to hide the time in an entry.
・Show the number of items in category management.

Latest update notes

Apologies, previous version did not include the functionality to merge duplicates. This version does…

NEW: Different entries with the same id, often the results of the import of playlists, can now be merged when using Rebuild on a collection.
FIX: Solved incorrect order of entries when importing Spotify playlist.
FIX: Solved crash when no network.
FIX: Solved sorting in Entry Overview not properly working.

A ton of new functionality in this release:

You can now add any playlist as a chart to your collection, not only Apple Music chart playlists. For example, you can add your daily updated Apple Music Heavy Rotations Mix to a collection, or the Billboard Top 100 playlist on Spotify to a collection. When adding a playlist, you can select whether you want to add the playlist to the collection and pick entries from it later, or immediately create a new chart from the playlist.

A ton of additional information is now available for your chart entries. Tap on the artwork in the entry details and you will find additional information the music service (iTunes, Apple Music, or Spotify) provides. On top of that you can retrieve information from other sources like, Discogs, Genius. If there is more artwork available (for example liner notes, etc.) for a song or an album, it is displayed in cover flow. You can tap on any artwork to see a full screen version which you can drag and zoom for more details.

The app now offers integration with If you have configured to like/love tracks for a collection, and you actually do like/love one or more entries, these entries are also added to your loved tracks in If you play an entry through the app, the entry is added to your scrobbles. You can configure your account in Settings.

The app also integrates with the beautiful NowPlaying app; an app to explore the hidden stories behind your favourite music & enhance your listening experience.

In the Statistics screen you can now search for Artist, Entry Title amongst all entries and Chart Title amongst all charts.

Added some utility admin functions, for example to delete all reminders and to make a full backup in JSON of all your collections.

Enjoy exploring this new major release!

Latest update notes

- Fixed a visual bug in the Helm Pro screen
- When you remove a duplicate keyword, it no longer deletes both of them
- Simplified the Launch list
- Fixed a bug that disabled adding a new group to TestFlight

Latest update notes

We're excited to bring you the latest update with some fresh new sounds and alerts. As usual, we’ve also made a few tweaks to keep things running smoothly.

Here's what's new in Structured 3.6:

**New Notification Sounds and Alerts**

We’ve added various new notification sounds and redesigned the sound settings. You can now also set a sound per task. Choose the sound that suits your style and the urgency of the task best, and stay on top of your schedule.

**New UI Sounds with Haptics**

Experience a richer interaction with your day plan through UI sounds, including haptic feedback. Checking your tasks and accomplishing your goals is now a lot more rewarding.

**Small Improvements and Bug Fixes**

We’ve resolved an important problem in Structured AI, which prevented it from planning around your existing tasks. Additionally, we made several minor improvements and tackled some pesky bugs to keep things running smoothly.

We hope you find these new features useful and that everything works seamlessly for you. If you encounter any issues, please inform us! Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Latest update notes

- Fix compatibility issue with opening new containers on Linux
- Added Escape keyboard shortcut to close file viewer (unless there are unsaved changes)
- Added "Go - Enclosing Folder" menu option with ⌘-↑ keyboard shortcut to navigate to parent folder
- Localization improvements

Latest update notes


Scheduling your time-based automations is now easier and more reliable with an improved date and time picker.

Accessories with multiple services now select the right one automatically. Resolved an issue that caused the app to crash when sharing floor plans on iPad. Corrected settings for fan accessories so they work better with the floor plan.

Characteristic values are now more up-to-date and reload more reliably.

Widgets now load quicker and more reliably by using local storage instead of iCloud. Fixed an issue where widgets displayed old data from deleted homes.

Fixed a problem with favorited workflows, and renamed workflows update correctly in widgets.

Update now to enjoy these new features and improvements!

Latest update notes

A new version of Packr is now available for your summer trips.

◆ New features & enhancements ◆

Add notes to default items (User requested feature).
Change quantity of default items.
Assign items to bag / suitcase in the packing list and default lists.
Quick lists are now available in every language.

Trips can be converted to multi-destination trips.
Improved offline mode.
Packing list can now be filtered by traveler.
Copy items to another list (user requested feature).
Set default lists for leisure / business trips (user requested feature).
Uncheck all items can now be cancelled.

◆ Bug Fixes ◆

Fixed lists not saving/refreshing properly.
Fixed blank items in the packing list after duplicating a trip.
Fixed items randomly disappearing from the packing list.

Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps Packr engine running.
Have a question? Tap "Contact us" in the app or send us an email:


By Gianni Carlo
iPhone iPad Watch

Latest update notes


– Add support for OverDrive chapter markers
– Update the artwork sizing on the player, and get rid of the vertical black bars to the sides
– Add support for dragging and dropping folders on the Mac Silicon app


– Fix autoplay and time skipping for volumes with artwork files
– Fix 'Combine into volume' option not enabled when importing a single folder

If you'd like to contribute with translations to other languages, please reach us at

Latest update notes

Randwall Update

We’re excited to bring you the latest Randwall update! Here’s what’s new:

- Reddit Downloads: Fixed an issue where Reddit downloads fail in iOS 18 beta.
- Performance Optimization: The app is now more efficient, using less battery and data for a smoother experience.

If you have any feedback or run into issues, please let us know. Your input helps us make Randwall even better.

Thank you for using Randwall! Enjoy the update and stay tuned for more features.