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Latest update notes

Hey gang, just a small bug fix today. I'm working on a lot of new things. Stay tuned!

• FIXED: Issues displaying prices for some countries


As always, don't hesitate to reach out with feedback, issues, and suggestions. I'm always happy to hear from you:

– Shawn

Latest update notes

This update adds the ability to view and share your Year In Review '23. Open the statistics section and select the button at the top right to be able to view the most liked authors and categories, the most read book, total number of pages, and number of books read. Share your Year In Review on social media with your friends!

Book Tracker is developed by an indie developer. I’m happy to receive feedback and feature request. If you like the app, leave a review. If you need help, write an email to


Latest update notes

- new ranking detail panel with updated charts and suggestions (only for those who have installed the latest system version)

v. 8.3.54 989
- solved a problem with VP visualization in score games

v. 8.3.53 988
- solved a problem with VP visualization in score games

If you enjoy playing this game please take a minute to leave a nice review: it really helps.

If you have questions or need support please contact us from 'Feedback / Contacts us' present in the help menu of the game.

Latest update notes

• BugFix: New Entry Defaults for Email should be "None" not "Most Used"
• Show if item is Searchable and Suggestable in AutoFill on the details screen• Localization Updates
• Localization Updates

If you are enjoying the new version of Strongbox it would be great if you could leave a positive review for us in the App Store. It makes a huge difference to us as Indie developers. Thank you!

If you're experiencing any problems or are not happy, just let us know ( and we'll make it right.

- The Strongbox Team

Latest update notes

Greetings, plant parents! Version 4.18 is here to address a few bugs that we’ve caught—

- In plant detail page, the menu to add a photo might not consistently activate. Fixed.
- The same menu had the incorrect glyph. Fixed.
- Notifications did not refresh app badge count correctly at 12 am every day. Fixed.
- App icon badge count were not consistent with notifications and in-app tab/sidebar badge. Fixed.
- Widgets did not render in expected ways on iPad Lock Screens; they were also not optimized for Stand By on the iPhone. Fixed.
- Live Activity on the iPhone and iPad Lock Screens would not adapt properly to Dark Mode. Fixed.
- Purchase status shared from iCloud Family Sharing might not refresh automatically. Fixed.

We are also making a few changes with PlantPal:

- Functionalities with weather and seasons have been removed.
- PlantPal Pro is now available at a more affordable price with individual plans. We also lowered the pricing for family plans across most countries and regions.

Hope you’ll enjoy this update! As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome.


By Phanith Ny
iPhone iPad Mac

Latest update notes

Thanks for using SpendLists! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store as soon as possible.
Every update includes improvements in speed, reliability, bug fixes, and new features.

In this version:
• Added search feature in list detail
• Added quick date picker when add new item
• Added Restore Purchase

Latest update notes

-> Introducing Events
Follow gaming events (like showcases, previews, awards) directly in GamingBuddy. Easily discover newly announced games or trailers and more!

This update also contains minor fixes and tweaks (for example issues after switching themes have been resolved)

Latest update notes

Enable AI powered auto-completion for code and text in the content popup menu.

This requires your own OpenAI API key and is enabled for repositories individually to make sure nothing is sent to OpenAI without your consent.

Text completions appear as you edit and can be ignored as you keep typing or move the cursor. Tap the completion to insert up to this point, which is useful when only the start of the completion is needed. Tabular on external keyboards will insert the entire completion.

SSH transport connections are initiated in a way that works better with VPNs.

Latest update notes

Unstuck in time, running free


- Fix issue where tapping "Random" sort order again would not always re-shuffle
- Fix issue where Album Wall widgets might be stuck on message to open Longplay
- Fix issue where Album Wall widget that's set to display a collection in random order would not randomise its albums
- Renames "Artist" parameter to "Album Artist" in "Find Album" shortcut to match what it actually does
- Minor performance and stability improvements

Feedback is always welcome and I read it all and try to reply, too. Best to reach out by mail to If you want to provide extra support, I'd appreciate if you leave a review or a top up the tip jar.

Latest update notes

Say hi to Bookmarks!

One of the most requested features is finally here! Now you can finally bookmark the most useful or interesting replies so you never lose them. All bookmarks are easily accessible through the new bookmarks tab.

Do you have feedback or need support? I'm always happy to help! Reach out at Your thoughts are valuable, and I actively update HelloAI based on your feedback.

Latest update notes

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy making sure runs smoothly on Apple’s latest devices and operating systems. Here’s what’s new this time around:

- Fixed a bug in iOS 17 that would make text entered in the MLA format view persist even after choosing a different format.
- Fixed a bug in iOS 17 that would sometimes result in navigation titles not animating properly.

Pretty minor update, but I’ve got tons more coming in the near future — keep your eyes peeled. As always, reviews really help out. If you’ve been enjoying Citations, please rate it! Thanks.

Latest update notes

Updates for both iOS and macOS:
- The screen where you view task details looks cleaner now.
- Your task reminders will now include the notes you added to tasks.
- We added a new sound for task reminders.
- Check out our new winter-themed color scheme.

- Fixed an issue where deleting a task didn't always close the task details window.
- Other small bug fixes and improvements.