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Latest update notes

Your favorite password manager keeps getting better...
Discover new details that will make your life easier when using Sesame. The application has also just been translated into Japanese.
Security, simplicity and transparency, keep your passwords at hand with Sesame!

Latest update notes

Hi there! This update of Noir adds a set of great new features that make Noir more customizable than ever before!

# Custom Themes
You can now create your very own custom themes and tweak these exactly to your liking. You can change the background and text colors, and also set image dimming and (new in this update!) image gray scaling per theme.

After you have created the perfect theme, it's really easy to share this theme with other users of Noir. Just send them the special link and when they open it on their device, they can import your theme and start using it immediately!

Not the creative type? Don't worry, Noir now also comes with a library of over 20 pre-made themes that you can now add with just a single tap.

# Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
You can now tweak which specific key combinations are used for Noir's keyboard shortcuts. And that's not all, because there are also many new keyboard shortcuts that you can set up, including ones for switching Noir's theme and disabling Noir until tomorrow.

# Website Fixes & Improvements
As always, this update also includes many fixes and improvements based on your reports. Thank you so much for sending these in and helping me improve Noir!

Update 2022.2.1 includes some fixes to themes in the Theme Library, and improvements to the onboarding process for new users.

Update 2022.2.2 fixes some more issues that were introduced in the previous version, and includes additional website fixes as well.

This update was directly inspired by your input and feedback, so thank you so much! I hope you like the new features!

If you like Noir, please consider leaving a review of Noir in the App Store! That really does help a lot!


Latest update notes

Miss the old, smaller flag icons? They’re now available as an icon option in Edit.

Added support for shortcuts using Eisu (英数) and Kana (かな) keys on JIS Japanese keyboards.

Added Korean localization.

Latest update notes

A few small fixes in this update:

- Improved the layout of the Notes field to prevent the keyboard blocking the bottom of the text editor
- Improved the behaviour of the Authors edit control, so that any entered authors are added, even without tapping the green plus button
- Fixed an issue where books could be reordered on Mac, even if not set to Custom order
- Fixed an issue where reorder menus would show as "Loading" when first clicked on Mac
- Fixed a typo on the Search Online screen when no search results were found

To get the latest Reading List news and updates, check out @ReadingListApp on Twitter!

Latest update notes

Thank you for using our app. It's regularly improved and modernized to better serve you.

Recent changes include:
• Added widget configuration to change precision of result
• General improvements and corrections

Latest update notes

Hey all, here comes another update: This time around there was quite some movement under the hood. Fast Math is now faster and more stable that ever. Besides performance improvements, again, we had to squeeze some nasty bugs that have been sneaking in with the last update. For those not interested in performance: We also polished the UI a bit so that you can have even more fun becoming a mental math genius. Let's see if you can spot the changes ;) As always: Please let us know if you have any ideas how to improve Fast Math further!

Latest update notes

== NEW ==
- Autocomplete suggestions in expense ([Pay to] field) editing and rent payment ([Received from] field) editing screens.

- Improved: higher quality preview image for the first page of PDF attachments.
- Improved: when searching Internet for inventory/appliance (by tapping name/details in the inventory/appliance details screen), search results open in new Safari window (instead of in-app browser).

== FIXED ==
- Property list filtering by company/owner is preserved between app launches and after adding/updating data in the app.
- Fixed issue when WhatsApp message cannot be sent from longtap action on tenant name in the property list.
- Fixed issue when first page of PDF file is not shown as thumbnail in attachment list after adding it with [Paste from clipboard] option.
- Fixed ocassion app crash.

Latest update notes

New features:
- display your heart rate in percentage of maximum HR (YouRace Pro)
- force workout reload from Apple HealthKit by swiping it to the right

Bug fixes:
- distances can be inaccurate when exporting to Strava or FIT/TCX files

Latest update notes

Hello Everybody! Hope you all are doing great! Here's a follow-up update to the last one. In this update:

- Fixed a bug where subscription detail page was not loading correctly on Mac.
- Improved in-app restoration and bugs related to in-app purchases. If you've purchased the pro version before and Subtrack still asks you to upgrade, Just tap the "Restore" button and it'll fix the issue.
- Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements.

A new big update is coming really soon with some great features and changes. Please note that from the release of version 1.5, Subtrack will support devices on iOS 14 or later and macOS 11 or later. If you're currently using an older version, Please upgrade to a new one. Its great out there!

Hope you like this new update. I try to implement new features and improvements with every update. So if you've any features that you want me to add, Please let me know via mail and I'll try to implement it as soon as I can. I've been working really hard to make Subtrack better with each update and will continue to do so. If you like the app, Kindly leave a review on AppStore as reviews help me to reach out to more new users out there also follow me on twitter @subtrackapp for more updates. If you would like to support Subtrack's development even further, You can leave a tip from tip jar. You can find the tip jar in settings page. Cheers to the upcoming awesome new features and updates. I'll see you very soon. :)

- Mohit

Latest update notes

- Improved the player screen background artwork blur to be more vibrant.
- Added ability to set a theme of your choosing instead of automatic theming.

Soor is being developed by just a 1 person team, a 5 star review goes a long way in supporting indie developers. If you like the app please consider leaving a nice review.

Latest update notes

• New map! The Europa Universalis IV provinces map is now available! Use it for mapping out game scenarios or creating alternate history maps.
• All maps you create will now be exported as PNG images to your device's photo gallery, instead of your device's storage.

Latest update notes

What’s new?

- Slightly redesign app icon
- Completely redesign UI for Split-View and slide-over window for better experience and continuity
- Added new preferences for split-view mode
- Improve main interface for better consistency
- Fix some bugs, including animation bugs
- Added new link to social media platform
- Localization is here, starting with Thai language