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Sindre Sorhus

iPhone iPad Mac Utilities Requires iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4


About Actions

Supercharge your shortcuts with lots of useful actions.

It provides additional actions for the Shortcuts app.

IMPORTANT: Because of an iOS bug, to make the actions show up in the Shortcuts app, you need to first launch the app and then restart your device.

重要提示:由于 iOS 错误,要使操作显示在“快捷方式”应用程序中,您需要先启动该应用程序,然后重新启动设备。

WICHTIG: Aufgrund eines iOS-Fehlers müssen Sie, damit die Aktionen in der Shortcuts-App angezeigt werden, zuerst die App starten und dann Ihr Gerät neu starten.

IMPORTANT : en raison d'un bug iOS, pour que les actions s'affichent dans l'application Raccourcis, vous devez d'abord lancer l'application, puis redémarrer votre appareil.

IMPORTANTE: Debido a un error de iOS, para que las acciones aparezcan en la aplicación Atajos, primero debe iniciar la aplicación y luego reiniciar su dispositivo.

The actions are not able to run on Apple Watch or HomePod.

Restart your device if the actions don't show up in the Shortcuts app.

The app is free without ads because I love making apps. Consider leaving a nice review.

■ Actions

- Add to List
- Apply Capture Date
- Ask for Text with Timeout
- Authenticate
- Blur Images
- Boolean
- Calculate with Soulver
- Choose from List (Extended)
- Clamp Number
- Color
- Combine Lists
- Combine Videos
- Convert Coordinates to Location
- Convert Date to Unix Time
- Convert Location to Geo URI
- Convert Unix Time to Date
- Create Color Image
- Create Menu Item
- Create URL
- Edit URL
- Encrypt File
- Encrypt Text
- Filter List
- Find Music Playlist
- Format Currency
- Format Date Difference
- Format Duration
- Format Number — Compact
- Format Person Name
- Generate CSV
- Generate Haptic Feedback
- Generate Random Data
- Generate Random Text
- Generate UUID
- Get Audio Playback Destination
- Get Average Color
- Get Average Color of Image
- Get Battery State
- Get Bluetooth Device
- Get Bluetooth Devices
- Get Boolean from Input
- Get Compass Heading
- Get Device Details (Extended)
- Get Device Motion Data
- Get Device Orientation
- Get Dominant Colors of Image
- Get Elevation
- Get Emojis
- Get File Path
- Get High-Resolution Timestamp
- Get Image Location
- Get Index of List Item
- Get Map Image of Location
- Get Paragraphs from Text
- Get Query Item Value from URL
- Get Query Items from URL
- Get Query Items from URL as Dictionary
- Get Random Boolean
- Get Random Color
- Get Random Date and Time
- Get Random Emoticon
- Get Random Floating-Point Number
- Get Random Number from Seed
- Get Related Words
- Get Sentences from Text
- Get SF Symbol Image
- Get Title of URL
- Get Uniform Type Identifier
- Get Unsplash Image
- Get User Details
- Global Variable
- Hex Encode
- Hide Shortcuts App
- Invert Images
- Is Accessibility Feature On
- Is Audio Playing
- Is Bluetooth On
- Is Call Active
- Is Cellular Data On
- Is Cellular Low Data Mode On
- Is Conforming to Uniform Type Identifier
- Is Connected to VPN
- Is Dark Mode On
- Is Day
- Is Device Locked
- Is Device Moving
- Is Device Orientation
- Is Host Reachable
- Is Low Power Mode On
- Is Online
- Is Shaking Device
- Is Silent Mode On
- Is Web Server Reachable
- Join Wi-Fi
- Merge Dictionaries
- Overwrite File
- Parse CSV
- Parse JSON5
- Pretty Print Dictionaries
- Remove Duplicate Lines
- Remove Duplicates from List
- Remove Emojis
- Remove Empty Lines
- Remove from List
- Remove Non-Printable Characters
- Reverse Lines
- Reverse List
- Round Number to Multiple
- Scan Documents
- Scan QR Codes in Image
- Set Creation and Modification Date of File
- Set Image Location
- Set Uniform Type Identifier
- Shuffle List
- Sort List
- Spell Out Number
- Transcribe Audio
- Transform Lists
- Transform Text (camel case, slugify, transliteration, etc.)
- Transform Text with JavaScript
- Trim Whitespace
- Truncate List
- Truncate Number
- Truncate Text
- Wait Milliseconds
- Write or Edit Text

■ Support

Submit ideas and other requests through the feedback button in the main app.

■ Open-source

The app is open-source on GitHub (see the website).

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