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Sindre Sorhus

iPhone Utilities Requires iOS 16.2


About Any Text · Lock Screen Widgets

Put any kind of text on your Lock Screen so you won't miss it. It could be an important note, your goal, a list of tasks, etc.

The app includes 8 widgets that lets you put different text on different Lock Screen configurations.

You can style parts of the text bold, italic, or strikethrough using Markdown.

Simply tap the widget to open the app to edit the text.

This app is not useful on iPad as it requires support for Lock Screen widgets.

■ Shortcuts

The app is scriptable through the Shortcuts app, enabling a lot of powerful use-cases. For example, you could use an automation to change the text at a certain point in the day or at certain places. The only limit is your creativity.

■ Support

You can contact me through the feedback button in the app or at

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