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by Mikhail Akopov
iPhone iPad Lifestyle Requires iOS 13, iPadOS 13


About Cans

The app contains color charts of all popular graffiti spray-paint brands.

The list of color charts:
- Montana Black
- Montana Gold
- MTN 94
- MTN Hardcore
- Molotow Premium
- Ironlak
- Ironlak Sugar
- Arton
- Kobra High Pressure
- Kobra Low
- Flame Blue
- Flame Orange
- Loop Colors
- NBQ Slow
- NBQ Fast
- OneTake
- Dope Classic
- Dope Supreme

There is a possibility to find similar cans.
For example, you need to replace a can that has ended and is nowhere available.
Find this can in the "Color charts" tab, tap the "Search" button and the app will display a list of the most similar cans.
The search will be made in color charts, which can be changed in settings.

Another useful feature is the search by colors in a photo.
For example, you need to determine which cans are needed to paint a picture on a wall.
On the "Search" tab, select the desired picture from the library or take a new one, tap on a pixel and the application will display the most suitable can.

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