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Gear Calculator

by A. H. de Quatre Ltd.
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About BikeCalc - Gear Calculator

Combining precise calculations and an intuitive design, BikeCalc provides you everything you need to analyze and optimize the gearing on your bicycle, saving you time, guesswork and potentially a costly mistake.

  • Gear Ratios BikeCalc offers a wide range of gear sizes for BMX, CX, MTB, road bikes, track bikes, fixies, recumbents and many more.

  • Gear Inches BikeCalc provides the customary gearing system still in use today by most English speaking countries.

  • Development Meters BikeCalc provides the metric based gearing system used by the UCI governing body for international competitive cycling events.

  • Gain Ratios BikeCalc supports the newest gearing system proposed by the renowned expert bicycle mechanic Sheldon Brown.

  • Skid Patches BikeCalc allows fixed gear cyclists who skid stop to extend the lifespan of their rear tire by increasing the number of patches.

  • Chain Links BikeCalc allows cyclists who ride single speed bikes to calculate the ideal length of chain that can fit on their chainstay.

  • Speeds BikeCalc lets cyclists anticipate the speed they can reach on their bicycle at a given cadence in kilometers and miles per hour.

  • Tire Sizes BikeCalc follows the ISO 5775 specifications and provides a convenient table to convert older tyre sizes.

BikeCalc makes it easy to optimize the gearing on your bicycle. You can also calculate your speed at a given cadence for each gear. Plus, you can manage all your gearing configurations in one place. And there are articles helping you every step of the way.

  • Find the gear that works for you Make informed decisions about your bicycle gearing based on your needs.

  • Take full control of your bicycle Build your custom cassette from scratch with professional charts and visual indicators.

  • Compare similar gear combinations Weight out even-handed options with convenient color coded tables.

  • Calculate your speed at a given cadence Plan your next assault and get ready to smash your Strava KOM/QOMs.

  • Save more than one configuration Keep track of all your configurations for different cycling disciplines and events.

  • Share your gear configurations Let your coach, teammates or cycling friends know what gearing you're on.

  • Organise your various sets of configurations Keep everything relevant by creating folders and assigning appropriate tags.

  • Search with predictive text Find what you need quickly or pick a query from your history.

  • Protect your data with privacy features Enable biometric authentication to access your recently deleted configurations.

  • Contact us from the app Reach out for help or send feedback using the contact form.

  • Learn more about bicycle gearing Visit our short articles answering common questions from the community.

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