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Sorry this release was a little behind schedule! Here's what's included:

- New location alert screen
- Apple Watch app rewritten from the ground up
- Lock screen widgets on iPhone
- Fixed a bug on macOS where reminders weren't fetched

Latest update notes

- Fix bug where Training Max wouldn't automatically increase

Previous Release

- Automatic Progressions for Assistance Exercises.
- Update all reps in a template with the push of one button.
- Pick Push/Pull/Leg exercises before starting a workout.
- Select sets and reps when choosing a Push/Pull/Legs exercise.
- Fixed auto-collapsing workouts

Latest update notes

Introducing Hello There Post -- send high-quality hand written letters in the mail right from the app
• Thank-you card and Any Occasion cards available with classy designs
• We hand-write your letter, stamp it, and mail it for you
• Available globally*

The 'All Cards' view now displays sender name by default
• This is a new setting enabled by default
• Easily toggled in Settings > Cards > Display Sender Name

New Premium Icons
• Hello There Pro users can enjoy 11 new custom icons

• Removed the photo expansion button when viewing card details if Live Text is enabled
• Improved French Translation thanks to @tcardinalsirois

• Under the hood updates and improvements

- Fixed an issue that caused Apple Pay to only accept Discover cards

* Limited to USPS approved locations. Details in app.

Latest update notes

What’s New in 2023.2:

• Improving ease of widget configuration
• Addressing a rare chart drawing issue
• Guidance on setting up chart predictive line
• Other small fixes and improvements

Latest update notes

- Introducing fullscreen notifications. Never miss an important meeting again! These notifications take over the whole screen.
- The app now requires macOS 13. I'm just an indie developer working on the app in my spare time and by dropping support for macOS 12, I can focus more of my time on new awesome features. You can get the last macOS 12 compatible version from the app's website.
- The time travel feature now has keyboard shortcuts for added convenience. See the website for more information.
- Additional sounds have been added for the hourly chime.

Latest update notes

This update brings improvements to make your Jomo experience even greater.

In this version:
- Lock screen widgets have arrived on Jomo!
- We also redesigned the classic widgets so that they look even better on your screen and are more useful (plus they adapt to your theme)
- Jomo goes even further in automation by integrating with Focus Filters. New shortcuts are also available!

We hope you'll enjoy it!

Latest update notes

• Improved text formatting capabilities with support for keyboard shortcuts
• Resolved an issue with keyboard shortcuts and combined diacritics
• Updated the statistics page for improved tracking of progress
• Various minor fixes and improvements for a better user experience

Thank you for learning with Flashtex! If you have a question, a suggestion, or run into an issue, please email me at or visit

Latest update notes

Changed, Improved & Fixed:
• Action import tag fields did not match multiline input.
• Using the red close button to close certain action configuration windows locked the app.
• Changed `BPM` field for MP4 to only display the bpm value without extra formatting.
• Added support for Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) and Zero Width Non-Joiner (ZWNJ) Unicode characters when renaming files from tags.

If you like Mp3tag, I'd very much appreciate a rating or even a review here on the Mac App Store. It helps a lot and supports me as an Indie developer. Thanks a lot! — Florian

Latest update notes

- improvings to hand cards ordering

v. 5.5.21 931
- minor bug fixed

v. 5.5.2 930
- minor bug fixed

If you enjoy playing this game please take a minute to leave a nice review: it really helps.

If you have questions or need support please contact us from 'Feedback / Contacts us' present in the help menu of the game.

Latest update notes

- improvings to hand cards ordering

v. 2.0.10 931
- minor bug fixed

v. 2.0.9 930
- minor bug fixed

If you enjoy playing this game please take a minute to leave a nice review: it really helps.

If you have questions or need support please contact us from 'Feedback / Contacts us' present in the help menu of the game.

Latest update notes

Woo-hoo! Say goodbye to those pesky bugs!

Wikly just got a whole lot cooler and better than ever, with new updates and improvements.
Thank you for using Wikly and for your continued support, I couldn't have done it without you!

I didn't actually squish any bugs, I just used my bug-away-eco-friendly spray.
Saving the planet one bug at a time!
Be safe and have fun!

Latest update notes

In this version:
- completely redesigned Statistics section
- widgets for older versions of iOS have been restored
- several bugs fixed

Thank you for using my app! Report bugs and share suggestions in the Telegram chat

Latest update notes

• New website options: (1) Force all links into the same tab and (2) Force all links into new tabs. These are added to a popup menu along with Force external links into the same tab and Force external links into new tabs.
• Protect all key presses: Separated into options (1) Protect escape key and (2) Protect other keys
• Hide app banners: Fixed an issue where the Sign in with Google banner could interfere with clicks even when hidden
• Stop autoplaying videos: Stop the video from following you down the page on
• Bypass link shorteners: Bypass YouTube redirects
• Bypass link shorteners: Now applies to the contextual menu

Latest update notes

In this update:

- Bug fixes and improvements.

If you like this app, please take the time to leave a positive review! Having issues? Get in touch:

Latest update notes

Unread 3.3 adds the ability to create an article from a web page – either in the app by long pressing a link inside an article, or with a share sheet extension when visiting a webpage. This update also adds a Readwise article action and a variety of other improvements.

* Create Articles From Webpages *

This update adds the ability to create an article in Unread based on a webpage. This functionality is available for Unread Cloud, Local, Feedbin, Feedly, and NewsBlur accounts.

Visit any webpage with Safari or any other browser, open the share sheet, and select “Save to Unread”. Unread will create a new article based on the content of that webpage. In an Unread Cloud account, Local account, or NewsBlur account, the new webpage will be added to Saved Articles. In a Feedbin account the new webpage will be added to your set of Pages. In a Feedly account the new article will be added to Read Later.

Similarly when reading an article, the long press menu for a link now includes an “Add to Saved Articles”, “Save to Pages”, or “Save to Read Later” menu item. Selecting that menu item will create a new article based on the content of the linked webpage.

In Feedbin accounts, “Pages” now appears under “Articles” on the account screen — under “Unread Articles”, “All Articles”, and “Starred Articles”. It no longer appears as a feed subscription.

In Feedly accounts and NewsBlur accounts, articles saved from webpages are initially marked read and cannot be marked unread.

The “Save to Unread” share sheet extension requires an Unread Subscription.

* Readwise Article Action *

This update adds a Readwise article action, allowing you to quickly save articles and links to Readwise Reader. After enabling the article action and signing in, you can send any article to Readwise by long pressing it in the article list and selecting “Readwise” from the resulting menu, by swiping left from any article and selecting “Readwise” from the resulting menu, or by using the option-r hardware keyboard shortcut from the article list or from an article. You can also send any link inside an article to Readwise by long pressing that link and selecting “Readwise” from the resulting menu.

Article actions require an Unread Subscription.

This update also adds a variety of tweaks and bug fixes. It requires iOS/iPadOS 16.2 or later. If you enjoy using Unread or are excited about this update, please consider purchasing a subscription. A subscription enables the new “Save to Unread” share sheet extension, article actions, caching of webpage text and images, custom app icons, widget customization, and more.

Latest update notes

• Support for Live Activities on iOS 16.2 and newer
After scheduling an alarm you can keep track of it on your lock screen in real time.
Live Activities only work when Glarm is granted access to your location in "Always" mode. This is necessary because the activities have to be updated in background by app and the only way to keep it alive in the background is to constantly monitor your location.
If you don't want to use Live Activities you can choose to only allow "While in use" location tracking mode.

• Search for alarms
In "Alarms" screen you can now use a search bar to quickly find any previously scheduled alarm.
You can search by name of the location or by contents of notes.

If you enjoy using Glarm please consider writing a short review in the App Store.
If you have any questions or feedback reach me directly at


By Nikhil Nigade
iPhone iPad Mac

Latest update notes

- Fixed a critical bug prevent In-App Purchases/Subscriptions from being processed. Updating to this release is highly recommened.

#### Notes

If you see continuous errors when fetching information about subscriptions, purchasing or restoring: please check if you have a custom DNS blocker enabled on your device. Some of these prevent connections to the service Elytra now uses to manage subscriptions. You may have to unblock `` in your DNS blocker settings to get things to work.

Latest update notes

- Fixed a crash when opening the app on iOS 15
- Misc. bug fixes


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