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By Shihab Mehboob
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Latest update notes

- Added SharePlay to listen to music together via FaceTime
- Minor UI changes

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch. Vinyls was created by an incredibly small team of one and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m available through Twitter @JPEGuin.

Latest update notes

New in this version:


In this update, we are introducing a brand new feature called "Screen Time Journaling". You can now rate the time spent on apps and websites, and link them to specific activities right from the "Today" tab.

After rating a few apps, you will have access to a daily summary of your feelings towards your screen time (are you happy with it or not?). You will also have a clear picture of the activities you engaged in on your phone, empowering you to make changes.

You'll receive a notification at 8:30 p.m. every evening, inviting you to complete your feelings for the day.

We're the first app in the world to try out this approach on screen time management, and we are incredibly excited to hear your feedback.


You will now be suggested healthy alternatives right when you need them (for ex., before taking a break from your session). These alternatives are concrete and entirely customizable: looking at family photos, doing sports, calling a friend, drinking water, reading a book.


At Jomo, we're deeply optimistic and we are looking to help as many people as possible be happy with their screen time in the long term. But our design didn't reflect these values enough so we changed it. We've made our brand identity sharper and more confident, so that it better reflects our vision!


* A lot of new options for session breaks! You can now set a maximum number of breaks in a 24-hour interval, set a cooldown period between 2 breaks as well as configure a delay before being able to press "Unlock" on the start break screen. (Thanks Ingo for your feedback)
* We have added a "Quick ideas" section in both condition and session screens
* You can now hide specific apps instead of shielding them when they are blocked by a condition or session. Go to "Settings > Hidden apps" to select apps you would prefer to hide. (Thanks Jorge, Tom and many others for your feedback)

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Take care,
Laureline & Thomas

Latest update notes

- changed SEO assistant recommendation from AVIF to WebP
- improved preview performance for very complex pages
- fixed "Show on all pages"
- fixed anchor references for layout blocks
- fixed calendly integration
- fixed many sources of crashes
- fixed dragging page bottom not refreshing thumbnails
- fixed excess memory use
- fixed issues with galleries
- fixed site search with some kinds of page content

Latest update notes

What's New
- One-Day Exceptions – change your goals for a single day
- Goal Settings History – view and manage all previous goal settings
- Default Meal Type for Favorites – configure individual favorites to default to a specific meal type
- Goal Impact List – view the impact on your goals when logging food
- Portion Size Picker – new compact menu design for selecting a portion size
- The date picker now automatically updates to selected date without need to press "Done"
- Other minor usability improvements

Bug Fixes
- Fix issue where adding a food as a favorite removes the food from the library
- Crash fixes
- Other misc. bug fixes

Latest update notes

- Platforms filter should no longer reset - sorry about that
- Design tweaks and similar
- Fixed widgets not removing unfavorited games
- Fixed pull to refresh on "Upcoming" screen

Thanks everyone for your support!

Latest update notes

- Searching an artist’s name when searching for albums will now also return compilations they’re on 

- Fixed an issue that could cause the CarPlay app to crash in certain configurations
- Fixed a crash that could occur during the history import
- Fixed a crash that could occur when starting playback on an iPad in slideover and Split View with the “Auto-Launch Now Playing” setting enabled.
- Fixed an issue that could prevent a listening report notification from being sent
- Fixed an issue where the full list row wasn’t tappable in collection List View
- Fixed an issue where navigation from a list of collections into a collection might not animate correctly
- Fixed an issue introduced in 5.2 where the tracklist could display the incorrect now playing item for music loaded directly onto the device.

Latest update notes

• Fixed breakage of IDBObjectStore.put() in web apps.
• Stop repeating timers: No longer allows the timer to run the first time if the interval is longer than 5 seconds.
• Hide Page Element: Fixed an issue where the element selection dialog could bypass Stop autoplaying videos.
• Stop scroll to text fragment: Fixed visual clipping of the website option in Safari Mac on non-retina displays.

Latest update notes

# Wishlist! + better Favorites
- Your Favorites are now better organized to show upcoming games more clearly.
- You can also add games to your "Wishlist" to be able to easily see prices and possible sales (either when favoriting new game or for current favorites - just tap the "heart" icon)
- Favorites on the "Games" tab will also show you current sales for wishlisted games

## Browse by Genres
Want to see recent RPGs? You can now browse all available games by genres.

# iPad optimizations
App should now work better on iPads

# Fixes
- Fixed some games not showing in Favorites
- Fixed small Up Next widget not opening the game detail

Latest update notes

Big design refresh!

## Cowsmetic
- The Meals list (accessible from the top-left button of the Today view) finally looks like what I imagined initially. It has a reading mode with a clean interface, and an editing mode that comes to life with animations when you tap on a given day.
- A more moderate and pleasant dose of color! Let's face it, I'd been a bit heavy-handed with the green. I've been using this update for several weeks now and I love it!

## Texts
- Added a note about pretzels for vegans - Thanks Marina

## Bug Hunt
- The planets would not snap back into place when the meal details were closed by tapping on the starry background.

## Improvement
- Improved rounding in data ledger
- The population titles are all tapable now, making navigation easier

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Latest update notes

Packr version 2.4.3 is now available.

◆ New features & enhancements ◆
Icons are now grouped by category when adding a new list.

Renaming default list items is now available for Premium users.

◆ Bug Fixes ◆
- Fixed duplicating a trip to make an identical copy.
- Fixed Contact Us form not sending the message.
- Fixed crashing on Apple Silicon devices.
- Custom pictures can now be selected from the Photo gallery.
- Fixed renaming items in the packing list.
- Fixed trips not appearing for certain timezones.
- Fixed weather not loading correctly.
- Fixed printing of the packing list.
- Fixed TripIt connection.
- Fixed nearby attractions not showing up.

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Latest update notes

• New Study Option: Exclude New Cards

Thank you for learning with Flashtex! If you have a question, a suggestion, or run into an issue, please email me at or visit

Latest update notes

• Added support for Apple Watch (requires watchOS 9.4).
• Added various watch complications to display daily progress.
• Added Inline Lock Screen widget to display daily progress.

Changed, Improved & Fixed:
• Circular Lock Screen widget now displays current streak only.

If you like HabitBoard, I'd very much appreciate a rating or even a review here on the App Store. It helps a lot and supports me as an Indie developer. Thanks a lot! — Florian

Latest update notes

Bug Fixes
* Fixes to allow proper targeting of in-app messages for an upcoming Nihongo Lessons sale.
* Fixes to debug logging.
* Fix an issue causing debug URLs to cause the app to freeze.

Latest update notes

- Synchronization between devices via iCloud. This means you will be able to access, update and sync your privacy policies from all your devices.
- Bug fixes and improvements.
If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints and bug reports please contact our support at: Thanks!

Latest update notes

- Added support for Criterion and 8 other streaming services.
- You can now search for games with an exact title by putting your search in between quotation marks.
- Local search better handles searches with apostrophes.
- Fixed: Certain books could not be deleted.
- Fixed: Some unreleased series would appear under "Released".

Latest update notes

• Added option for smart folders to show recipes with one or more of the selected tags
• Improvements to ingredient detection in recipes for German
• A few other things that I forgot to write down, but I think were good at the time

Latest update notes

• The rule "Name ends with" now excludes the extension, so that “Name ends with pies” finds a file named “Recipies.txt”.
• The “Path” rule now matches on the entire path, not just on the item's enclosing path any more.
• The rule “Kind is not Video” does now correctly exclude video files.
• The search rules have been re-arranged and modernized.
• Fixes issues with searching Google Drive.
• When choosing the iCloud folder as a search location, FAF will search all iCloud related application folders, not just the "iCloud Drive" folder.
• Searching a folder (instead of entire volume) now properly skips excluded folders again.
• When performing another search while looking at the results of a previous search, the new Results window won't pop up in front any more.
• Improvements to displaying results in Dark Mode.
• The menu bar now offers a "Join Beta Program" command, for getting access to pre-releases of FAF in the future, via Apple's TestFlight program.
• The purchase date in the About window is now shown correctly.
• Issues with the Toolbar in the Results window have been fixed. Now you can choose to show the smaller icons or the wider text labels. To do that, ctrl-click into the toolbar to customize it, and drag the desired toolbar items in or out.
• Determining the Finder selection doesn't stall FAF any more (this used to happen whenever FAF was activated).


By ASR Concepts LLC
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Latest update notes

We've made the following updates in this version:
• Fix a couple behind-the-scenes bugs

We hope you enjoy the updates. We really appreciate any ratings, suggestions, or feedback. You can contact us at