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RocketSim for Xcode Simulator

by A.J. van der Lee
Mac Developer Tools Requires macOS 14.0


About RocketSim for Xcode Simulator

Add Unique features to Xcode's Simulator and Build Apps Faster.
Key features: User Defaults Editor, Simulator Airplane Mode, Recordings with sound, touches & bezels. Accessibility & Dynamic Type Testing, Location Simulation, Test Push Notifications, Deeplinks, and compare designs on top of the Simulator.

Inspect Network Traffic
* Monitor in- and outgoing requests for your apps
* Explore JSON responses, requests & response headers
* Copy requests as cURL commands
* Investigate request metrics

Build Insights
* Keep track of build count and duration
* Find out how your app's build times improve per Xcode version

User Defaults Editor
* View and Edit User Defaults values in real time
* Works with both standard and group User Defaults

Location Simulation
* Scenario testing: City Run, Bicycle run, and Freeway Drive
* Simulate routes from start to destination using Quick Actions
* Update GPS to a specific point on the map
* Change the time zone whenever you update the location

Grids & Rulers helps you to create pixel-perfect design implementations
* Use horizontal and vertical rulers
* Measure the distance between elements in on-device pixels
* Configure grid size and color

Quick actions for your recent builds help you increase productivity
* Delete Derived Data easily, globally or per app, to prevent rebuilding all your Xcode projects.
* Open common directories like your app's documents folder
* Read and write user defaults
* Grant, revoke, or reset permissions like photo and location access, allowing you to test related implementations quickly
* Airplane mode: Disable Networking for your app while keeping a working connection on your Mac

Environment Overrides
* Switch Accessibility settings like Inverted Colors and Bold Text
* Configure any Dynamic Type directly from the side window

Deeplinks (Universal Links) and Push Notifications
* Add quick actions to test Deeplinks and Push Notifications
* Bundle Identifier based: actions automatically show up for recent builds
* Launch deeplinks to test routing in your apps
* Easily launch deeplinks from your clipboard
* Manage and share Quick Action groups with your colleagues

Compare Designs for pixel-perfect design implementations
* Create pixel-perfect implementations of your app’s design
* Drag, Paste, or Select images for comparison
* Use the overlay mode to compare your app’s implementation to its design
* The slider allows you to slide between your app’s implementation and its design
* Any image source, whether it’s Sketch, Figma, or Zeplin.

Magnify for precision
* Zoom in at pixel level to verify your design implementation

Create screenshots
* Device Bezels create that professional screen capture you need
* Adjust the background color to match your styling

Create professional recordings to share progress
* A popup next to the active Simulator allows you to start a recording easily
* Enable touches to explain better how your app responds to user interaction
* Device Bezels create that professional impression you need
* Export-ready for App Store Connect. Creating App Previews has never been easier
* Landscape orientation is correctly applied in the exported video
* A floating thumbnail with the resulting recording allows one to drag into any destination easily
* Select MP4 or GIF to match your needs
* Trim videos for perfect lengths
* Control the quality of exports for perfect performance

Completely customizable to fit your needs
* All actions are available through the status bar menu as well. Configure to hide the floating windows if you feel like they're in your way
* Configure shortcuts to perform actions even quicker

Each feature is developed with a focus on productivity to keep you in your flow. Configure the available shortcuts to improve this even more.

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