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by Bogdan Dovgopol
iPhone Watch Health & Fitness Requires iOS 17.0


About Calorimeter

Calorimeter is your ultimate companion for tracking and managing your daily burned calories. Whether you’re an athlete, incorporating workout routines, or just getting started on your fitness journey, Calorimeter helps you stay on top of your calories expenditure effortlessly.

Key Features:

- Active Calories Tracking: Monitor the calories you burn through physical activity, exercise, training, and workout sessions in real-time.
- Resting Calories Calculation: Keep track of the calories your body burns at rest throughout the day.
- Total Calories Overview: Get a comprehensive view of your total calorie burned with detailed charts and statistics.
- Daily Goal Setting: Set your daily active calorie goal and track your progress with an intuitive progress bar.
- Configurable Widgets: Add widgets to your home screen to track burned calories and goal progress at a glance.
- Insightful Graphs: Analyse trends of your calories burned over the day, week, month, or year with easy-to-read graphs.
- Powered by Apple Health & Apple Fitness.

Why Choose Calorimeter?

- User-Friendly Interface: Sleek and intuitive design makes it easy for you to track your calories burned without any hassle.
- Customisable Goals: Set personalised burned calorie goals based on your fitness objectives and adjust them as needed.
- Comprehensive Data: View both your active and resting calories in one place, giving you a complete picture of your daily energy expenditure.
- Convenient Widgets: Stay updated with your progress right from your home screen with configurable widgets.

Perfect for All Fitness Enthusiasts:

Whether you’re hitting the gym, engaging in sport activities, training for an event, or just staying active at home, Calorimeter serves as an excellent activity monitor. Track your exercise routines, track your burned calories, and achieve your fitness goals with ease.

Download Calorimeter today and take the first step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. Burn calories, reach your goals, and stay motivated with Calorimeter!

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