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John - iSolid

iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About OCR Text Scanner: QuickScan

The app is 100% FREE, with NO ads and NO data collection. Donations are possible to support the project.

QuickScan is the easiest & quickest yet super-powerful scanner on iOS. Main features:

iOS integration

• QuickScan has been created with iOS & iPadOS in mind, and therefore integrates beautifully for a fantastic user-experience.

Scan & import

• Scan with camera (automatic document detection & automatic angle correction) • Import existing images • Import existing PDF files • Organize your documents in folders

OCR (text recognition)

• Professional-quality OCR on images or even existing PDF • The recognized text can be integrated into a PDF such that your document becomes searchable (search/select/copy/paste) • Automatic language detection & match with a dictionary for mind-blowing results


• Apply one or multiple signatures to your documents • Create signatures with your finger or Apple Pencil • Adapt size and color to beautifully match the document


• Automatic file naming based on a pattern (use date, time, text, automatic counter, …) • 'Export Favorites': Automatic export to favorite save locations (also in the cloud or Email) combined with custom settings (colors/black&white/filename/file format...) • Automatic deletion after successful export • iOS Home screen & Lock screen Widgets (associate an Export Favorite to the widget for instant export to that favorite after the scan started by tapping the widget) • Place document automatically in the configured folder when the scan is started from a Widget/Shortcut associated to an Export Favorite • Siri Shortcuts compatible • Scan shortcut from the app icon on the home screen (long press)


• Export in PDF with the recognized text integrated (very advanced feature). This allows to search/copy & paste into the generated PDF. • Export the recognized text in a .txt file • Export as an image • CLOUD UPLOAD: Configure a favorite save location (support for iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, WebDAV, Google Drive, pCloud, NextCloud, NAS, SMB, SD, Email, Paperless-ngx…) • Export anywhere (to Files, to any Drive, E-mail, message, Airdrop, …), or to the cloud • Apply image filters (grayscale, black & white), crop, rotate images • Output file size estimation (adjust the quality settings according to your needs)

• ... and much more, there are really many useful features

Everything happens on your device, no internet connection is required. NO data collection.

There is no quicker way to beautifully scan & OCR a document.

SUPPORTED LANGUAGES FOR OCR: • ENGLISH • GERMAN • FRENCH • SPANISH • ITALIAN • PORTUGUESE • CHINESE • KOREAN • JAPANESE • UKRAINIAN • RUSSIAN • VIETNAMESE • THAI • Other languages will work nicely but do not get the extra accuracy boost when using a language dictionary

I hope you’ll save a lot of time thanks to the efficiency of QuickScan!

Your privacy matters: everything happens locally, on your device! This app does not use any server. No personal data is collected.

QuickScan is 100% free to use (no ads, does not sell your data), the in-app purchases are donations to help me and to support the project (more updates). They do not restrict the usage of the app.

The privacy policy and terms of use can be found here: https://quickscanapp.com/privacy.html