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Mac Utilities Requires macOS 12


About Lingon X

Lingon X is the superhero your Mac needs to simplify your life and boost productivity. This powerful app lets you automate almost anything, freeing you up for more important things.


  • Starting your workday automatically: Lingon opens your essential apps, launches scripts, and runs commands at specific times or when triggered by events.
  • Never missing a deadline: Schedule reminders, send emails, or even move files – all automatically, ensuring you stay on top of your tasks.
  • Keeping your Mac optimized: Set up routine cleanups, backups, and other maintenance tasks to run in the background, keeping your Mac healthy and fast.
  • Power user features: Lingon X goes beyond the basics with advanced options like smart folders for organization, wake/sleep control and run as root.

And Lingon is perfect for everyone:

  • Newbies: The friendly interface is easy to learn, even for automation novices.
  • Busy professionals: Automate repetitive tasks and save valuable time.
  • Tech enthusiasts: Unlock advanced features and scripting capabilities.

Here’s what makes Lingon stand out:

  • Unmatched flexibility: Automate practically anything on your Mac.
  • Simple yet powerful: Easy to use but packed with features.
  • Reliable and stable: Runs seamlessly in the background.
  • Optimized for the latest macOS: Takes full advantage of the latest features.

Stop wasting time on manual tasks. Let Lingon take care of them while you focus on what matters most!

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