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Smultron 14

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Peter Borg Apps

Mac Productivity Requires macOS 14.0
App Store $9.99


About Smultron 14 - The text editor

Tired of bloated software and complex interfaces? Craving a text experience that inspires you, not frustrates you? Then Smultron is your answer.

Smultron is a macOS text editor designed for both novice and seasoned writers. Its minimalist design and intuitive interface let you focus on what matters most: the text.

Here’s what makes Smultron special:

• Simplicity you crave: Uncluttered interface and distraction-free writing experience.
• Power you need: Syntax highlighting, regular expressions, transformations and more.
• Flexibility you desire: Customizable themes, fonts and keyboard shortcuts.
• Accessibility for all: Full VoiceOver support for inclusive writing.
• Multilingual mastery: Supports countless languages for global inspiration.
• Seamless workflow: Integrates with iCloud for effortless syncing between devices.
• Effortless text analysis: Analyze text for parts of speech and understand your writing better.
• Text extraction wizard: Extract text from images with ease.

Whether you’re writing:

• Code: Smultron supports multiple languages and syntax highlighting for effortless coding.
• Blogs: Compose captivating articles with distraction-free focus.
• Novels: Unleash your inner storyteller with a writing environment designed for flow.
• Scripts: Craft your masterpiece with tools tailored for screenwriting.
• Emails: Draft clear and concise messages with newfound efficiency.

Smultron is more than just a text editor; it’s your writing companion. It adapts to your needs, fuels your creativity, and empowers you to express yourself like never before.

Ready to experience the Smultron difference? Download it today!

P.S. Smultron is named after the delicious wild strawberry!

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