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Organization Chart

by Hao Li
Mac Business Requires macOS 10.13
App Store $14.99


About OrgChart - Organization Chart

Effortlessly visualize, manage, and simplify your organizational structure with OrgChart - the easy-to-use org chart app for macOS. Our innovative app eliminates the need to draw and place elements by automatically creating a tree structure organization chart based on simple inputs.

OrgChart's intuitive interface allows you to easily customize visual styles for elements and apply them to all child elements. With well-designed keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, you can efficiently maintain your project and change properties with ease.

* For TREE structure org chart ONLY. * OrgChart is optimized for tree-like hierarchical charts and not suitable for non-hierarchical organizational structures.

* Trial *

Download the 7-day trial version of and test all the features before you buy.

OrgChart is a document-based app which supports the management of multiple projects, and you can even synchronize org charts between iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive. With the ability to export your project as an image, CSV, PDF, or OPML file, sharing your org chart with your team has never been easier.

  • No need to draw - OrgChart automatically creates the chart for you based on simple inputs.
  • Customize the appearance of your org chart with color, shape, size, text visibility, and layout options in the maintenance window.
  • Navigate the app's clean and smooth interface with natural mouse gestures for faster and more efficient project maintenance.
  • Export your org chart to image, CSV, and PDF files for easy sharing and communication.
  • Import contacts from macOS and copy departments as images to other apps.
  • Save parts of your org chart in new documents for streamlined organization and management.
  • Change the visual style of your entire chart in seconds for quick and easy updates.


User-created projects are saved to the user's device or iCloud drive, as desired.


  • No need to draw - draw automatically by setting visual styles for elements.
  • The list box acts as a grid.
  • The chart panel supports intuitive mouse gestures.
  • Change properties easily with the Inspector panel.
  • Well-designed keyboard shortcuts.
  • Apply a visual style to all child elements.
  • On a clear user interface.


  • Document-based app supports management of multiple projects.
  • Intuitive gestures in the diagram window to move/copy departments by dragging.
  • Mouse gestures to change department breakdown level, move departments, merge/expand groups.
  • Copy/paste and drag/drop across organization windows.
  • Update photos by dragging/dropping, with support for face detection.
  • Department properties - photo, department name, job title, leader, phone, email, notes.
  • Lock editing.
  • UNDO support.
  • Copy/paste support.
  • User interface customization options.


  • Customize the title and visibility of the department fields.
  • Visibility of the department fields.
  • Color of the department elements.
  • Nine layouts (customize how children should be placed).
  • Eight shapes.
  • Sizes.
  • Three line styles.


  • Export to image, CSV and PDF files with options to control PDF page size and scaling.
  • Export in color or black and white.
  • Save a part of the organization chart in a new chart.


  • Synchronize org charts between iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive.


  • Export the chart to an .org file and share.


  • Export as an OPML file that can be easily imported into compatible mind-map apps.
  • Drag from macOS contacts.
  • Copy/drag to other apps as an image.
  • Drag images from another app to change the photo.

OrgChart helps you create an org chart by avoiding complicated drawing - all with a minimum of effort and learning, the best and only useful org chart app for Apple devices.

(ad) OrgChart for iPad can be found at

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