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Filtru Coffee

by Spirograph Limited
iPhone iPad Food & Drink Requires iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4


About Filtru Coffee

Filtru is a handy coffee app with helpful brewing guides and a one-stop fresh beans shop for all coffee enthusiasts. Step by step instructions take you through the best way to prepare your beverage providing pouring intervals, stir and wait instructions. Additionally a regularly updated feed of community brew guides, fresh products from partnered coffee roasters and cool merchandise is what makes this app so unique.

Featured in TIME Magazine, Caffeine Magazine and Tele5 Polska, Filtru makes a perfect companion for any coffee aficionado.

Connect one of 8 supported Bluetooth-enabled digital scales, including Acaia Pearl™, to make your brewing process most precise and to get more accurate guidance. The app will set the timer and display a perfect water flow speed for your pour-over coffee.

The app comes with recipes for the 9 most popular coffee brewing methods with an easy to use and intuitive interface that also allows you to create and store your own methods. The Discover section includes community created brew guides including recipes inspired by Scott Rao, James Hoffmann, World Brewers Cup winners and other Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified baristas.

Additionally, you can share your brew profile by signing up to a free Filtru account and for more advanced coffee hobbyists we offer TDS/Extraction calculator and ability to add a detailed annotation for each coffee you brewed.

Filtru comes with the following recipes:

- Chemex
- AeroPress
- Hario V60 (Pourover)
- Bonmac Dripper
- Beehouse Dripper
- Kalita Wave (Pourover)
- Moka Pot (Espresso)
- French Press (Cafetiere)
- Siphon

Currently supported Bluetooth coffee scales:

- Acaia Pearl™
- Acaia Pearl S™
- Acaia Lunar™
- Acaia Pyxis™
- Acaia Cinco™
- Felicita Incline
- Felicita Arc
- Felicita Parallel
- Skale
- Decent Espresso
- Escali SmartConnect™

Featured in:

- TIME Magazine ("Top 50 Apps of the Year 2017")
- Caffeine Magazine (Issue no. 29)
- Tele5 Polska ("Złapp: Świat Aplikacji")

Enjoy your coffee time :-)

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