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Juno Connect

by Alex Staravoitau
iPhone iPad Developer Tools Requires iOS 13.0, iPadOS 13.0
App Store $9.99


About Juno Connect

Juno Connect is a client app for Jupyter, an interactive cloud-based computational environment, where you can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media.

When you run code in Juno Connect, the actual computing is happening on a remote Jupyter server, giving you access to virtually unlimited computational resources from your iPhone or iPad. You can either connect to your own Jupyter server — directly via HTTP/HTTPS, or by establishing an SSH tunnel with local port forwarding — or use cloud computing services, such as CoCalc or Binder. And if you would rather execute code on device instead, check out our other app Juno — it lets you work with Jupyter notebooks autonomously on your iPhone or iPad.

• Full-featured notebook editor provides complete development environment on your iPad or iPhone: it supports Dark Mode and Dynamic Type, offers extended on-screen keyboard and works beautifully with all hardware keyboards and trackpads.
• Connect to your server easily and securely with SSH tunnel using local port forwarding.
• Launch Juno Connect in Split-screen mode alongside other apps on iPad. Run notebooks with documentation, terminal, or other code editor in front of you.

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