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by Nikhil Nigade
iPhone iPad Mac News Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About Elytra

Elytra is a privacy focused RSS Feed reader.

Elytra is the first Feed Reader on iOS & macOS to bring native text & image rendering to the Article Reader. It’s fully featured, customizable and ever evolving.

PRIVATE: Your account is automatically setup and is completely private. No passwords to remember. Elytra does not collect any personal information from you.

PRIVACY: Elytra strips out all tracking scripts and tracking pixels from articles to ensure your reading habits are always kept private.

MODERN FEED FORMATS: Elytra supports both XML and JSON feed formats.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get real-time updates from your favorite blogs which support the WebSub protocol.

LOCAL NOTIFICATIONS: Get near real-time updates from blogs which do not support push notifications.

LOCAL BOOKMARKS: All your bookmarks are locally available to read and refer even when you’re offline.

NATIVE RENDERING: Elytra renders articles using native features of iOS to bring inclusive features like Dynamic Type, Voice Over for Accessibility and reduce usage of tracking scripts.

IMAGE LOADING: Elytra provides various image loading options so you can save on mobile bandwidth and load images you deem necessary.

SYNC: Elytra supports cross-device sync using its API. Access your feeds on your iOS Devices, Mac devices as well as in the browser.

SEARCH: Search for a feed, then an article and then snippets within the article. Elytra is the first RSS Reader to support search within articles.

APPEARANCE: Elytra supports both Light and Dark themes. You can choose between various Serif and Sans-Serif fonts or even custom fonts you have installed on your device.

LINKED HEADERS: When the Article Author goes through the trouble of linking headers with IDs, it only makes sense that Elytra enables you to share direct sections with your friends & family.

MUTE FILTERS: Clean up your feeds from unwanted topics, spoilers, and noise.

WIDGETS: Elytra supports four unique widgets across all platforms to bring your favourite feeds and updates to your homescreen.


Elytra cannot connect to or sync with other RSS Syncing or Aggregation services.


Terms: https://elytra.app/terms/
Privacy Policy: https://elytra.app/privacy/

The Mac App is also available on the Mac App Store.