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DS Manager Pro

by Jaroslav Pulik
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About DS Manager Pro

DS Manager Pro allows you to easily supervise your Synology NAS (DSM) by controlling network traffic and connections, system health, storage health and capacity, logs, tasks and many more. Each of this features as a separate module supports displaying more detailed information and actions on a dedicated screen.

System info module: System health info. Restart or Shutdown your NAS. Detailed information about your Synology NAS with real time CPU and RAM usage. Easily start / stop installed packages in this module. UPS info such as mode, battery level and estimated battery life.

Network module: Real time network traffic. Connect or disconnect VPN interfaces on your NAS. Connected users list with option to kill each connection. Detailed network interfaces information.

Storage module: List of all your Synology NAS storage pools, volumes and disks with appropriate information. You can perform S.M.A.R.T. test for the selected Disks. External storage list with detailed information about partitions and capacity. Eject external storage option.

Download Station module: List of all Download Station tasks. Create and Edit Download Station tasks. Filter tasks based on its state (running, finished, ...). Perform task actions - Pause, Resume, Delete.

Logs module: Latest logs list with log level color higlighting. Filter logs by its log level to easily identify warnings and errors. Clear all logs action. Easily copy log message to clipboard.

Scheduled tasks module: List of all tasks and events. Filter tasks based on its state (enabled, disabled). You can see "Run results" for selected Tasks. Perform task actions - Enable, Disable, Run, Delete.

Docker containers module: List of all docker containers with image name and up-time. Real time CPU and RAM usage for each individual container. Filter containers based on its state (running, stopped). Perform task actions - Start, Stop, Restart, Force Stop, Clear.

Virtual Machines module: List of all Virtual Machines on your NAS. Check all the information about your Virtual Machines (utilization, network info, storage info, ...). Start, Stop or Force Stop individual Virtual Machines. Filter Virtual Machines based on its state (running, stopped, ...).

More modules and features are coming soon.
Supported Synology DSM: 6.0 and above.

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