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Shift Calendar

by Vlad Gachi
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0
App Store $4.99


About WorkCount - Shift Calendar

WorkCount is a minimalistic app designed to help you track your hours and pay throughout the year!

Used by over 400,000 folks around the world, from nurses to retail workers. They all stay organized with WorkCount.

Perfect for any job type:
- Police
- Firefighters
- Nurses
- Doctors
- Paramedics
- Subway Workers
- Bus Drivers
- Truckers
- Pilots and Airline Crew
- Airport and Check-in Workers
- Call Centre Workers
- Supermarket Workers
- Emergency Worker
- Military
- Security Guards
- Bartenders
- Waiters and Waitresses
- Freelance
- Zero hour contracts
- Shift work
- Overtime
- Office hours

Don't let anyone underpay you!
Keeping track of wages leaves you in control. You can ensure you are getting what you worked for.

Simple design and input mean no fuss or confusion when entering your hours.

Daily pay rate means you can easily track different jobs or pay rates, overtime, night shifts, etc.

New widgets so you can see at a glance what days you are working, how many hours worked in total, and this month's earnings!

WorkCount is completely private. No data is collected, everything stays on your device.

Enjoy all the privileges of WorkCount, with no ads, no subscriptions, no hidden costs!

The app is always getting better, with updates that bring advanced features at no extra cost.

If you find the app useful, please consider leaving a review!

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