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Buraco Online or Alone

by Antonio Ferraioli
iPhone iPad Games Requires iOS 12.4, iPadOS 12.4


About Buraco Online or Alone

Play Italian Burraco !
A popular italian card game having something in common with the International Burraco.

- Two teams with two player each, you and your team-mate will have to make more points than your adversaries.
- The game play is divided in two sides, in one your team melds, in the other your opponents melds.
- You can play only in your team side and see other team played melds
- A special kind of joker named Pinella (2 of clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts) can be placed as a natural 2 or a joker on your melds
- A special discard pile letting you to take all the cards in it

The free version is full featured but with advertisements, by purchasing the full version you will turn off ads.

- many game configuration settings (Players, Strategy, Audio, Game Speed, Appearance, Gestures)
- standard and special leaderboards
- two game modes available (Single Game and Score Mode) to play against your device
- offline and online games
- detailed helps
- great support for your questions and suggestions
- leaderboards
- geo leaderboards
- and more, enjoy!!!

For your suggestions feel free to contact technical support, we will glad to help you

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