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by Friedemann Bartels
iPhone iPad Watch Health & Fitness Requires iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5


About Tacho

Tacho is a bike computer for the Apple Watch and iPhone. With the Tacho Watch app, you can track your bike workouts and save them to the Apple Health app on your iPhone.

You can use the Tacho Watch app with or without an iPhone. Start your tracking on the Apple Watch. With the Tacho iPhone app, you can then see key metrics like speed, heart rate, elevation, incline, wind speed and direction, and air temperature. On the Apple Watch, you'll also see average and maximum speed, pulse, and ascent and descent.

With the auto-pause function, only the time and distance you are actually moving is counted.

The barometric altimeter ensures accurate altitude measurement. It automatically calibrates itself based on the GPS signal as you move.

Weather data is updated every 5 to 15 minutes depending on your speed and location.

The following data is stored in the Apple Health app on your iPhone:
- ride time
- distance
- route
- altitude (ascent/descent)
- speed
- pulse
- calories burned
- air temperature
- air humidity
- weather condition
- events (pause start/end, movement start/end)

In the Settings app on your iPhone, you can configure the Tacho app to your liking. You can choose between altimetry via GPS or barometer, configure units of measurement, customize the appearance and disable the auto-pause functionality.