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Cooking Companion

by Devin Davies
iPhone iPad Watch Mac Food & Drink Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About Crouton: Cooking Companion

Crouton is feature packed recipe organizer & meal planner 

Import Anywhere
Crouton supports importing recipes from almost everywhere! Pull recipes automatically out of websites and just save the bits you need. You can also scan recipes straight out of your recipe book using OCR

Plan Your Week
With your favourite recipes on hand, Crouton makes it very easy to plan your meals for the week (or even long into the future). If you’re stuck for ideas let Crouton automatically generate the meal plan from your dinner recipes.

Step by Step Mode
Crouton offers a unique step by step mode. Focus on one step at time as you cook, you can tap on ingredients within a step to get the quantity (saves you jumping back and forth between the steps and ingredients). With hands free mode you can move between steps without touching your device! Perfect for when you have messy hands.

Start timers with a tap. Crouton detects times within recipes and lets you start timers straight from the steps. A convenient heads up display keeps the times front of mind while you continue to use the app.

Grocery Lists
Create grocery lists directly from your recipes, easily copy just the ingredients you need to your list. Integrates with Reminders for convenient access.

iCloud Sync
All of your recipes are conveniently synced between all of your devices using iCloud.

Recipe Feeds
Save your favourite recipe RSS feeds into Crouton to see new recipes as they’re published from your favourite blogs.

AI Importing
Quickly import recipes using AI. Import a recipe from a single photo with no manual entry required. Also supports plain text and images.

Family Sharing
Share your recipes with friends and family using iCloud, so everyone knows what’s for dinner.

Crouton also offers a range of customization including custom icons and app colors.