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by Simon Ingrand
iPhone Lifestyle Requires iOS 15.0


About Dring

Simplify your daily life by waking up with Dring.

All alarm clocks for the coming month are displayed date by date.
The calendar view allows you to activate, deactivate or change the time of alarm clocks on specific dates, without modifying the others.

• A public holiday → Disable this alarm clock
• Sports competition next Sunday → Activate only this Sunday
• A business trip next week → Change the time on this date
• A week of vacation → Disable all alarm clocks for the week

With Dring, gain in ease of use and wake up serenely.

• Several ringtones available
• Adaptative interface for right-handed and left-handed people
• Modifiable snooze duration

Dring and its developer cannot be held responsible for the consequences of a missed alarm clock, including in the event of a malfunction of the application.
For any questions, write to hello@simoningrand.com