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Back Up Your Brain

by Michael Gruenthal
iPhone iPad Lifestyle Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0
App Store $4.99


About Remembered: Back Up Your Brain

Have you ever wanted to back up your brain? Now you can!

Remembered helps you remember all those things that are so easy to forget.

Things you thought it would be easy to remember…until you can’t.

• Where’s my passport?
• When did I rotate my tires?
• Where’d I hide that spare key?
• What did I promise my boss when she stopped me in the hallway?
• Who's the plumber that Fred told me about?
• What movie did April recommend?

Key features:

• Remembered stores your memories and never forgets. It's like having a backup for your brain.
• To create a memory, just tell Remembered anything you might forget. It's quick and easy.
• Add memories the way you want- Use the built in keyboard, an external keyboard, voice dictation or your Apple Pencil.
• When you need to remember something, just start typing. Remembered shows you all matching memories. Keep typing and Remembered updates matching memories instantly.
• Your memories are there when you need them. Remembered uses iCloud to deliver your memories to any iPhone or iPad linked to your iCloud account.
• Make a mistake? No problem- Remembered lets you easily edit your memories.
• Instant suggestions keep your memories organized- When creating a memory, Remembered suggests items that you've used before.
• Buy Remembered once and use it on all of your compatible devices.

And much more…

Stop wasting time searching for misplaced items.
Stop wasting time trying to remember who, what, when, where or why.

Remembered: Back Up Your Brain