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FC 24 AI Cards & Squad Builder

by Aliaksandr Paukalas
iPhone Sports Requires iOS 13.0


About FC 24 AI Cards & Squad Builder

Are you a passionate ultimate team fan? Do you want to craft your custom cards with extensive customization options and assemble your dream squad while keeping an eye on the latest player prices?

Introducing FC 24 by FUTNET, the ultimate companion app for football enthusiasts, complete with a robust squad builder and card creator. Harness the power of our user-friendly squad builder, driven by real-time player prices, to forge your dream team. Alternatively, dive into our card creator to design and share unique player cards, teams, and packs, all while engaging with fellow football fans worldwide. 


Fine-tune your searches with filters to discover cards that perfectly fit your squad or squad-building challenges (SBC). Explore card attributes and pricing details. Join discussions with the football community and share your discoveries with friends.

Craft multiple squads effortlessly using our intuitive squad builder, then share and compare them with your friends. Personalize your profile, showcasing your weekend league achievements, rewards, top pack openings, best drafts and media content. Stay updated with your friends' activities.

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Unleash your creativity using our comprehensive content editor and card creator. You have full control to edit every aspect of player cards, squads, and more. Modify player names, incorporate personal images, and craft entirely unique cards using our intuitive card builder. Whether you're refining draft cards to your satisfaction or creating memorable moments with friends, Futnet 24 empowers you with complete pack customization capabilities. Utilize filters to streamline your card searches and discover the perfect players for your dream team.


Stay ahead with instant updates as new cards are released. Keep your teams up to date using the squad creator. As dedicated football and esports fans, we guarantee regular updates.


Discover our versatile companion app, loaded with a wide array of features. Explore the social aspects and much more, unlocking premium features to enhance your experience. Join our enthusiastic community and enjoy the full potential of our app. 

Unlock Packs for Your Dream Team
In Fantasy Squad mode, your squad's growth brings rewards in the form of packs filled with valuable player cards. Additionally, expect weekly packs opening to consistently enhance your squad.

Manage multiple Fantasy Squads to experiment with strategies and engage with other managers. Dive into Fantasy Squad mode, make savvy decisions, and become the ultimate Futnet manager.


Regular price updates enhance your trading experience on the market. Immerse yourself in the real-world management of teams, players, and cards. 


Build your ultimate team using any available cards and formations. Create a squad comprising your favorite team's players or assemble a superstar team with all-time greats. Our squad builder offers ultimate freedom of choice.


Explore friends' and recommended content. Gain insights into the art of squad building by discovering how soccer fans worldwide construct teams and utilize cards. Express your admiration by liking and commenting on ultimate team content. Join engaging football discussions within the thriving Futnet community. Excited about your latest pack openings and amazing cards? Share your enthusiasm with the Futnet world.

Before your next disappointment with a companion and card creator app, ensure you have one of the best social, card, and squad builder apps.

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